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Rabbit Reads: Just Mercy

By Jen Rose Yokel

You know we love our books at The Rabbit Room, so here’s a little help finding your next favorite. Welcome to Rabbit Reads, a new weekly series where we offer a recommendation from our overflowing shelves and open the floor for discussion. Read More ›

Pre-order The Orchardist’s People, People: Act II

By The Rabbit Room

Here comes Act II of The Orchardist’s People, People. The official release date is August 4th, but you can pre-order today and get an immediate download of the track “Quiet, Now.” Read More ›

A Few Thoughts on Hutchmoot Sponsorship

By Pete Peterson

A couple of days ago, we announced that we were actively seeking sponsors for Hutchmoot 2017, and while this isn’t anything new, it took some folks by surprise and sparked a few worries about Read More ›

Getting Ethan #14

By Jonny Jimison

Click through for this week’s Getting Ethan comics. Read More ›

Sponsor Hutchmoot 2017

By The Rabbit Room

Hutchmoot 2017 is actively seeking sponsors who share our vision for building community by drawing people together around art, music, story, and the Gospel. When you become a sponsor, you Read More ›

Trouble Go Down: “O, How I Love Jesus”

By Ron Block

When we were rounding out the record at the end of the process Jeff mentioned this hymn written Frederick Whitfield in 1855 and recorded it as a short interlude to go after “Come Away With Me.” Read More ›

Getting Ethan #13

By Jonny Jimison

Click through for this week’s Getting Ethan comics.

Read More ›

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By Hetty White

My Wendell Berry journey began with reading his essays. I was enthralled with his ideas of husbandry, his distaste for computers, and his reluctance to rely on coal for energy. Read More ›

Every Moment Holy: Illustrating the Sacred in the Mundane

By Pete Peterson

When we invited Ned Bustard to illustrate Every Moment Holy, we asked him to embrace the look of medieval woodcuts with all their symbols and iconic imagery. But because the book is about Read More ›

We Are All Beggars: The Life & Theology of Martin Luther

By The Rabbit Room

Who was Martin Luther? What did he do when he nailed his 95 Theses to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg on Oct 31st, 1517? What did he intend when he sought to ground the Christian life in a theology of the cross, rather than a theology of glory? Read More ›

New Single: “Violet” by The Orchardist

By Janie Townsend

It may come as a surprise to you, but our new song, “Violet,” (available here) is about a mermaid–or, rather, the existential grappling of a mermaid. Perhaps it isn’t at all surprising that a folk band composed of Read More ›

Signature Mugs and Inkwells

By Joe Sutphin

My good friend Eddy Efaw and I have teamed up to design some custom “signature” coffee mugs and inkwells with my mouse logo on them. Eddy is a talented woodcarver and ceramic artist, and is best known Read More ›

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