Introducing: The Pivot


Welcome to The Pivot—stories of people who have made a change. This is the introductory episode in which host Andrew Osenga tells us a bit about the journey that led to the podcast and what you can expect to hear in season one. Upcoming guests include: Dave Barnes, Ellie Holcomb, Dan Haseltine, Bebo Norman, Annie Downs, Steve Taylor, Don Chaffer, Andrew Peterson and Stacia Freeman. You can find out more about this podcast at


  1. gypsy

    Really enjoyed the first episode with David Barnes and am looking forward to the rest, but I have to ask a question of those of you who’ve listened to it. When David talked about “hearing the Benny Hinn music” start up, did anyone else think he may have meant Benny Hill?  Regardless, I swapped those two out in my mind in their iconic settings, and it was very entertaining. (And yes, most of you are probably too young and tasteful to know who Benny Hill is. I was shipped off to my grandmother’s for summers as a child, and his show was one of her favorites.)

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