Peripheral: Painting in the Dark


A moving glimpse into the mind of a painter and his ever expanding vision, even in the face of going blind. Peripheral asks how the loss of vision has altered his life, work and artistic habit for the worse and the better. Premiered at Third Man Records in Nashville, Tennessee – this documentary explores the struggles of Jimmy Abegg, forced to adapt his craft in light of a disease that will rob him of his sight.



  1. gllen

    – this is a great little video – inspiring and sobering at the same time.

    – for some reason it made me think of a short “manifesto” written by Charlie Peacock, and published in an early Art House newsletter, back in the 90’s titled, “A Vision For The Artistic Disciple.”

    – it might be a helpful and encouraging piece of writing to investigate, and “publish” in a future Rabbit Room post.

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