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Love Never Ends: Meet The Corner Room

By Jen Rose Yokel

When it comes to worship music, there’s no better place to start than Scripture. The Psalms give voice to our deepest longings and highest praise, and the words of truth are words of beauty. Read More ›

A Few Words on “She” by Laura Mvula

By Drew Miller

How can songs make us cry in a matter of three minutes? Andrew Peterson has investigated this question many times. If you’re interested in investigating it further, here’s a case study for you: “She” by Laura Mvula. Read More ›

RR Book Group: Just Mercy Week 4

By Jen Rose Yokel

In Week 4 of The Rabbit Reads Book Group, we’re wrapping up Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy. We’ve been having some great discussion about race, justice, reconciliation, and hope, and if you haven’t joined in, we’d love to have your voice in the conversation! Read More ›

A Legacy of Love: My Rich Mullins Story

By Andrew Peterson

Hey, folks. It’s Monday morning, just over twelve hours after the Rich Mullins tribute show ended. It was, for everyone involved, an unforgettable experience. The audience were wonderful, the band just killed it, the guests and the crew and the management poured themselves out. I’m really glad I wrote this intro for the souvenir booklet a few weeks ago, because after last night, I have no words. Many of us have a Rich Mullins story. This is mine. Read More ›

Rabbit Room LIVE Special Guest: Fernando Ortega

By Pete Peterson

Rabbit Room LIVE is coming up in just over a week! This year’s fundraising extravaganza features a litany of our favorite artists and last week we announced one of our special guests: Sho Baraka. This week we’re pleased to announce a second special guest, one that is no stranger to most of you: Fernando Ortega. Read More ›

A Liturgy for Those Who Suffer Loss from Fire, Flood, or Storm

By The Rabbit Room

Every Moment Holy is almost finished! It’s scheduled for binding next week and we’ll have copies on hand for members to pick up at Hutchmoot. We’re happy to announce that pre-orders are now open. Click here to secure your copy of this limited edition, leather-bound, gold-gilded, hardcover book. Pre-orders will begin shipping on November 3rd!

Here’s another look at a liturgy from the book. Read More ›

Getting Ethan #22

By Pete Peterson

Click through for this week’s Getting Ethan comics.

Read More ›

RR Book Group: Just Mercy Week 3

By Jen Rose Yokel

For this week’s reading and discussion, we’re digging into Chapters 9-12. As Walter’s story progresses and we come to the conclusion of Stevenson’s efforts to free him, we’ll also take a look at justice regarding the mentally ill and women in poverty. Read More ›

The Ache of All Creation: An Interview with Douglas McKelvey

By Drew Miller

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure and honor of talking with Douglas McKelvey about Every Moment Holy, his forthcoming book of liturgies crafted to consecrate and narrate us through the ordinary rhythms of our lives.

The book will be available in just a few short weeks, and you can check out its website here. Read More ›

Rabbit Room LIVE Special Guest: Sho Baraka

By Pete Peterson

This year’s annual fundraising event, Rabbit Room LIVE, is shaping up to be an amazing night of music. In addition to performers like Andrew Peterson, Andy Gullahorn, Jill Phillips, Eric Peters, and many others, we’ve got a couple of extra special guests this year. Read More ›

Coming into a Clearing

By Matt Conner

This is the wrong day to feel this way.

It’s 9/11, and even without the memory of such a horrific strategy, Mother Nature is declaring war in a number of places. Read More ›

Getting Ethan #21

By Jonny Jimison

Click through for this week’s Getting Ethan comics. Read More ›

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