New Release: No Story Is Over


The long wait is over. Son of Laughter’s new full-length album, No Story Is Over, is finally here! Visit the Rabbit Room Store to get it today and keep reading to find out what some of our favorite folks have to say about it.

“I admire Chris Slaten for so many things, not the least of which is his immaculate beard. But I love his music even more. His guitar parts are wonderfully inventive, his Paul Simon-esque voice soars, and his lyrics are as whimsical as they are literate. Any release of a new Son of Laughter record is cause for celebration.”
—Andrew Peterson, singer-songwriter, author of The Wingfeather Saga

“I’m not sure I know a songwriter with greater attention to detail than Chris Slaten, a.k.a. Son of Laughter. The new release is just plain beautiful.”
—Arthur Alligood, singer-songwriter, national winner of NPR’s Mountain Stage NewSong contest

“When we first heard Son of Laughter’s music, an album repeat festival promptly began in our car, lasting for weeks. If you haven’t heard this music, you need to.”
—Dave Radford of The Gray Havens

“From the first moment I heard Son of Laughter’s Mantis and the Moon, I’ve had an increasing sense of ‘Wow!’ and I’ve anxiously awaited this new record ever since. No Story Is Over is finally here, and the wait was not in vain. Chris has an incredible facility with words and he puts it on full display here in tracks like ‘The Hurricanes,’ ‘Voting Day,’ and ‘The Meal We Cannot Make.’”
—Pete Peterson, playwright The Battle of Franklin

“With one of the friendliest singing voices I’ve ever heard, Chris Slaten delivers a thoughtful collection of songs in No Story is Over, combining rich theology with a light hearted sound. I will have ‘The Meal We Could Not Make’ on repeat forever and am basically a Son of Laughter fan for life.”
—Emily P. Freeman, WSJ bestselling author of Simply Tuesday and A Million Little Ways

“I love Son of Laughter’s sound and substance. Chris Slaten is an amazing, insightful songwriter. I find the songs are sweet in my ears, and sustaining in my soul. It’s right in there with my favorite music ever. I’m a fan for life.”
—S. D. Smith, author of the Green Ember series

“Chris confesses his longings and weaknesses so honestly, it’s impossible to hear his music and remain disengaged. He helps me identify what I need to confess, what I need to believe, where I need to abide. Here are songs you will reference for the rest of your life because they will become pillars of our conversations and dots on our horizons.”
—Rebecca K. Reynolds, writer at


No Story Is Over is available here.


  1. Erin

    Would love to be able to direct friends to a place to listen to a song to give them a true taste of this album… any chance you could link at least one full song for those apprehensive to purchase something without listening?

  2. Erin

    I saw that, but was hoping to send new listeners to a full song somewhere. As convincing as I can be, sometimes new listeners need to be sold by a hearing something more complete 😉

  3. Aimee Guest

    Our family has been waiting for this new album to come out, so we’re super excited.  Also, I LOVE the artwork.  Is that Jamin Still?

  4. Anthony Quails

    No Story is Over is an incredible album! I love how intentional Chris is lyrically and melodically. This album will be one that I plan to live with for weeks and months to come! Thank you for sharing his talent.

  5. Nate Martin


    Chris, this album is incredible. “How did I get here? Well I wish I did not know…” much love, brother, even as you provoke me to indignation and tears.

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