Advent with The Orchardist: “Psalm 126”


Every Friday leading up to Christmas, The Orchardist is sharing a new song arranged specially for this season in a collection called A Child Will Lead Us All.

Here’s the find the final song of the collection, “Psalm 126.” Lyrics are provided below.

Laughter filled our mouths
Spread across our faces
It was like a dream
When we found how good your grace is

Those who sow with tears reap songs of joy

You have done great things
You came to us a child
We can’t help but sing
Of your glory, meek and wild

Those who sow with tears reap songs of joy

So go out in your weeping
Carrying the seed
God will surely find you
In your deepest need

Those who sow with tears reap songs of joy

No more let sin or sorrow grow
Nor thorns infest the ground
He comes to make his blessings flow
Far as the curse is found


  1. Lydia Harrison


    Your harmonies stirred up longing and thirst and hope in me all at once, and the violin added a rich dimension that I love. Thank you for your beautiful offering.

  2. Rev Emily Sauer

    This is beautiful. Do you offer this to our congregations to incorporate and play in our weekly online worship? We’d gladly pay an honorarium to use it in our worship service.


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