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The Year of the Locust: Andrew Osenga on The Painted Desert

By Drew Miller

I had the good fortune of talking with Andrew Osenga about his new album, The Painted Desert, in October of 2017 when he was still in the process of making it.

We sat in Osenga’s recording space in the basement of his house and discussed his year of desert-wandering, records that allow space to be sad, the difference between sadness and bitterness, and the heavy gratitude of feeling indebted to one’s friends, among many other things. Read More ›

The Greatest Showman (or at Least, the Fairly Decent Showman)

By Jenna Badeker

When I started seeing my feed fill up with posts about loving The Greatest Showman, I started counting down the days until I could finally go see it. It had the makings of a movie I would adore. Musical theatre is my thing. Read More ›

Rabbit Reads: The Exact Place

By Jen Rose Yokel

The Exact Place by Margie L. Haack (Kalos Press, 2012)
Memoir / Home and Place / Rural Life

Why We Love It: “Poverty and a stepfather who liked me about as well as a broken trailer hitch were more difficult to receive, and yet I sense the danger that awaits one who refuses such gifts. Read More ›

Resurrection Letters: One Album, Three Parts, Ten Years

By Andrew Peterson

Ten years ago, I had a crazy idea. I was in the studio working on an album that was, more or less, about the resurrection of Jesus. Read More ›

Song & a Story: “Eyes on the Prize”

By Jill Phillips

I told my friend Nita I was doing an album of hymns and spirituals and she told me I absolutely had to cover “Eyes on the Prize.” She knew I was in a season of transition and recovery and felt it could be powerful. I didn’t feel qualified, especially after Read More ›

You Can’t Have Ethics Without Stories

By Russell Moore

Biblical illiteracy is a problem, not just for the theological integrity of the church, but for the ethics of our everyday lives. You can’t have morality or justice without stories.

In a previous post, I discussed biblical illiteracy by interacting with Read More ›

Rabbit Reads: Sacred Pathways

By Jen Rose Yokel

Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas (Zondervan, 1996)
Christian Living / Spiritual Growth

Why We Love It: If you’ve grown up in the evangelical church, you’ve probably heard plenty about the importance of “quiet time.” I know I have. And yet, prayer (at least the “close your eyes and talk to Jesus like he’s your buddy” approach) has often been Read More ›

Joking About the Great Hereafter

By Drew Miller

Some songs, however new they may be, feel as if they have existed for centuries. One such song is “The Meal We Could Not Make” from Son of Laughter’s new album, No Story Is Over.

When Chris Slaten and I discussed his new record, we spent plenty of time going in depth on this particular song. What follows is our conversation both in audio form, augmented at various points by clips of the song itself, and in the written word. Read More ›

The Painted Desert

By Andrew Osenga

Hey there, Rabbits! I’m so excited to share with you that my new record, The Painted Desert, is finally available.

I thought I was done making records, then life happened and I had some things I needed to write about. Turns out, this is my favorite record of anything I’ve ever done. Read More ›

The Rabbit Room Retreat @ Laity Lodge

By The Rabbit Room

Laity Lodge, nestled in a bend of the Frio River in the Texas wilderness, is one of our favorite places in the world, and we’ve missed it. The Lodge closed down for renovations a couple of years ago and we’ve been anxious to get back on the schedule. Today we’re happy to announce that the 2018 Rabbit Room Retreat will take place on March 8-11th, and registration is now open. Click here to claim your spot. Read More ›

Stuff We Liked in 2017

By The Rabbit Room

We know we’re two weeks into 2018, but it takes some time to consider the mark a year leaves behind. We’ve finally gathered all our thoughts together, though, and here’s a look at the books, movies, TV, music, and some other stuff we in the Rabbit Room enjoyed the most in the past year. What were your favorites? Read More ›

My Place: A Short Film

By Joe Sutphin

A few months ago, I decided to build a presentation for speaking engagements. I had several booked for the coming year, so I spent a good month, off and on, putting together a Keynote presentation about my childhood as a kid who Read More ›

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