Now Available – Resurrection Letters: Prologue


Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1 will be available on March 30th, but you don’t have to wait that long to get a taste of the new music. Resurrection Letters: Prologue is now available in the Rabbit Room Store. What’s a prologue? Here’s how Andrew describes it:

[With Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1], it felt odd writing about Christ’s victory over death without spending at least some time on his death itself. That led to the idea of Resurrection Letters: Prologue, which is—let’s face it—a prequel to the prequel. (I can already hear the jokes about me waiting another ten years to release a prequel to the prequel to the prequel, called Resurrection Letters: Title Page and Contents.) In the spirit of Lent, the season of fasting that precedes Easter, we put together Prologue, a collection of five songs that take us from the last words of Jesus on the cross to his interment in the tomb. And then comes the long wait for spring.

My hope is that the listener would use those five songs during Lent and Holy Week to dwell on the terrible road Jesus had to walk in order to conquer not just sin, but the grave. My hope is that they would then defer listening to volume one (available on Good Friday) until the breaking of the dawn on Easter Sunday—and then that they would sing them out at the top of their lungs, loudly enough that the world would wonder what all the fuss is about. The hope proclaimed by Scripture is that Jesus, now at the right hand of the Father, is making all things new, and that includes you and me and all of creation. My hope is that these songs, however they’re used, would wake up a bright longing in peoples’ hearts for the coming kingdom, for our resurrection, prefigured in Christ’s.

This is our hope, and I’m still surprised by it. The stories are true.

Click here to download Resurrection Letters: Prologue.


  1. Pete Peterson