Behind The Song: “Is He Worthy”


I’ve been attending a liturgical church for the last several years, and it rings all my word-nerd bells. The language is so beautiful and rich, and every service rehearses the story of salvation, culminating in Communion.

One of the things I love about it is that the congregants are a part of the service. There’s a lot of interaction, not just in the call and response but in the singing and prayer time as well. The word “liturgy” means “the work of the people,” so a liturgical service implies community—not just listening to a pastor (though that happens), but edifying one another by reaffirming what we believe again and again. I wanted to write a song that did the same.

Revelation 5 contains one of the most beautiful and dramatic scenes in scripture, and is centered around the question, “Is anyone worthy?” The resounding answer is, “Yes! And his name is Jesus.” That’s what this whole album is about.

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Andrew Peterson is a singer-songwriter and author. Andrew has released more than ten records over the past twenty years, earning him a reputation for songs that connect with his listeners in ways equally powerful, poetic, and intimate. As an author, Andrew’s books include the four volumes of the award-winning Wingfeather Saga, released in collectible hardcover editions through Random House in 2020, and his creative memoir, Adorning the Dark, released in 2019 through B&H Publishing.


  1. Mike Aleckson


    To me, Andrew, the scene in Revelation 5 is at first starkly counter intuitive, then subtly hopeful and then finally – wildly exciting!

    Throughout my life I’ve tried every means available to avoid judgment (from God or from others).  But here we find John weeping – not because judgment is imminent, but because no one can be found to bring that judgment that will at last bring Justice, an end to Death and to all her ugly cousins.  Now I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat hoping that Jesus will soon open the seals on that great scroll and bring his Kingdom fully to our little world.

    Thank you Andrew – you’ve captured this so perfectly!


  2. Dave Licklider

    I have loved this song since I first heard you sing it. I have been hoping to share it with my congregation but need an accompaniment track. I hope you plan to release one soon!

  3. Nancy Morris


    Hi, Andrew! I posted this in the visitor comments on your Facebook page, but it looks like maybe you don’t go to that area much. When I first heard this song in April—having never heard you nor heard of you—I listened to it on repeat for a week and a half.  Solid.  Crying most of the time.   I think it is the best worship song written in decades.

    Never, in a million years, would I  have thought there would ever be anyone whose music I love as much as I love Keith Green’s.  From 1985 until three months ago, the only Christian music I listened to was Keith’s and old hymns. He was the only modern Christian artist whose music I loved and found worshipful and inspiring, that drew me closer to God and practically knocked me down with the power of the Holy Spirit. Now there are two of you! And you’re here on earth with us!  It’s so cool to finally have a living Christian artist currently producing amazing music to follow.  Thank you!



  4. Philip Boileau

    I too would really like to use the song “Is He Worthy” with an accompaniment track. Please get the word out when it is available. I would be happy to purchase it Thank youl

  5. Marian Windsor

    Dear Andrew, You are Amazing! This song is my “healing song” I put myself to sleep with it and listen to it several times throughout the day! Better yet, I share it with everyone I know especially my Catholic Christian students where I teach music. We plan to sing it this week at our K-12 Liturgy and I can hardly wait! I would really LOVE to buy the accompaniment track from you before Wednesday 5/8/19??? Is it online yet, and if so, where can I find it to purchase???
    Thank you so much for your music ministry – you have been touched by GOD!
    Marian Windsor
    SS. Peter and Paul School – Easton, Maryland

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