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Believe it or not, the Rabbit Room Podcast aired its first episode a decade ago, way back in 2008. In those ten years, it’s covered a LOT of territory, from sermons to movie reviews to cautionary tales about cassowaries. And while we’ve always loved the podcast, we’ve always felt it was a little unfocused, often trying to be too many things at once. At the same time, we’ve noticed around us a wealth of ideas just begging to grow into fully-realized podcasts of their own. So we’re putting the Rabbit Room Podcast itself out to pasture, but this isn’t a death, it’s an evolution. Welcome to the Rabbit Room Podcast Network.

The Rabbit Room Podcast Network is an alliance of podcasts that share a common thread of conversations about art, music, story, community, faith, and their myriad intersections. We’re launching with two all-new podcast series, and we’ve got plenty more in the works.

First up is The Second Muse: How Songs Become Songs. The title is taken from this quote by Wendell Berry: “There are, it seems, two muses: the Muse of Inspiration, who gives us inarticulate visions and desires, and the Muse of Realization, who returns again and again to say ‘It is yet more difficult than you thought.'” In each episode, host Drew Miller talks with songwriters and producers to explore the process of taking a song from inception to final product. In the first episode (available now), Drew talks with Andrew Peterson and Ben Shive about the development of the song “Maybe Next Year” from Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1.

After nine years of Hutchmoot speakers and sessions, we’ve decided to open up the archives with The Hutchmoot Podcast. Episodes feature recorded sessions from years past and give everyone a peek into the treasures of Hutchmoot. In the first episode (available now), Russ Ramsey takes us on a journey through the work of Vincent Van Gogh and the struggles he faced as an artist.

And coming soon, we’ve got other series like The Artist’s CreedThe ResistanceThe Membership, and more.

Don’t worry, the original episodes of the Rabbit Room podcast are still available, now titled The Rabbit Room Podcast (Classic), and they’ll remain in the archives.

Thanks for listening for the past 10 years. We’re grateful. Now we’re looking forward to the next chapter in the story, and we’re eager for you to hear the new content we’ve got in the works. So put on your headphones. Turn up the volume. And enjoy the stories. There’s a lot more to come.

Visit the Rabbit Room Podcast Network page for more information. Or subscribe via iTunes or Google Play or wherever you get your podcasts. If you’re interested in being a sponsor of one of our podcasts, or of the network as a whole, email pete@rabbitroom.com. We’d love to talk with you.

Pete Peterson is the author of the Revolutionary War adventure The Fiddler’s Gun and its sequel Fiddler’s Green. Among the many strange things he’s been in life are the following: U.S Marine air traffic controller, television editor, art teacher and boatwright at the Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch, and progenitor of the mysterious Budge-Nuzzard. He lives in Nashville with his wife, Jennifer, where he's the Executive Director of the Rabbit Room and Managing Editor of Rabbit Room Press.


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