Local Show Playlist: March 5th, 2019


Last fall, Jared Malament began the ingenious practice of compiling Spotify playlists after each Local Show, making the featured songs publicly available for all to listen. With his help, we are continuing this tradition for the spring season of the Local Show, accompanied by Jared’s description of the evening and what made it memorable. Click through for our second playlist of the season.

“Andrew Peterson began this week’s edition of the Local Show by reminding us that we were at the beginning of the Lenten season with a rendition of his ‘Remember and Proclaim.’ What followed was a wonderful night of songs from Andrew Osenga, Drew Miller (in his solo debut), Tim Timmons, and the husband-and-wife duo Wild Harbors. They also opened up their hearts to us and told of scary dreams and heavy sicknesses and the savior that helps us overcome them. In particular, I’d recommend listening to ‘Battle’ by Wild Harbors for anyone like me who might struggle with depression and anxiety. On the whole, this week’s show was a great way to spend a cold Nashville night.”
—Jared Malament

Click here to listen to the playlist from our second Local Show of the season on Spotify.

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