New Release: Monument by Wild Harbors


Great news! Today is Release Day for husband and wife duo Wild Harbors. Their debut record Monument, produced by Andrew Osenga, is now available everywhere, including the Rabbit Room Store. Click through to stream a song from their record and purchase your copy.

Monument is a lyrical, melody-driven album, full of momentum and dynamic highs and lows. It narrates the story of taking risks to pursue what matters to us—the story that began Chris and Jenna Badeker’s journey to becoming Wild Harbors.

We at the Rabbit Room are fans of the deep cuts, so we’ve chosen to share the seventh track from Monument, a song entitled “Water.” It’s an anthemic slow-burn of a song, lending honest wisdom paired with reassurance: “You can hide, but suffering will find you just the same / If you try, you can learn a lot from your deepest pain before you send it on its way.”

Click here to purchase Monument at the Rabbit Room Store.

And here to visit Wild Harbors’ website.

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  1. Keith Wiederwax

    Hooray! It’s finally released. Saw Wild Harbors in concert with Andrew Osenga last summer and picked up a pre-release copy of this album then. I’ve been enjoying it ever since. Great album! Lot of variety and Osenga did an EXCELLENT job producing. Look for this album to be near the top of UTR’s “Best of 2019” list early next year!

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