The Artist’s Creed, Episode 3: “Creator of Heaven and Earth”


Welcome to the third episode our new podcast led by Dr. Steve Guthrie: The Artist’s Creed. In a series of interviews with various artists in our community, Steve draws on the tenets of the Nicene Creed to develop a rich vision of the relationship between the voice of God and the voice of the artist—constructing an “artist’s creed” of sorts.

Episode 3 features a conversation with fantasy author Helena Sorensen about what it means to escape into literary worlds and the importance of the unseen.

Click here to listen to the third episode of The Artist’s Creed.

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  1. Leslie B


    Even though it’s 2+ years past, I just wanted to add a comment to The Artist’s Creed podcast episode 3: “Creator of Heaven and Earth” with Dr. Steve and his guest, author Helena Sorensen; the quote about escaping INTO fantasy is originally by Ralph C. Wood, theological scholar and Tolkien expert at Baylor University, from his book, The Gospel According to Tolkien: Visions of the Kingdom in Middle-Earth. I confess that I’m hyper aware of this quote because it’s been a guiding concept for my imagination over the past two years since I first heard it mentioned by John Granger, a writer and speaker on the Harry Potter series.
    Here’s the full Ralph C. Wood quote, within a bit of context, from the first page of his book’s Introduction:
    Far from encouraging us to turn away from such evils, Tolkien’s book forces us to confront them. Rather than grinding our faces in these horrors, however, it suggests a cure for the ills of our age. This great work enables us to escape into reality. Tolkien achieves this remarkable accomplishment by embedding the Gospel as the underlying theme of his book, its deep background and implicit hope (Wood, 2003, p. 1).
    Thank you to Dr. Steve Guthrie and Helena Sorensen for a great discussion about The True Myth, as Tolkien and Lewis discussed it, and for highlighting the real life truths revealed particularly through the fantasy genre. I’m looking forward to reading Helena’s books, as well as getting down my long reading list to Ursula Le Guin’s novels referenced in the podcast. 

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