Ephesians Study: Conclusion


Today marks the end of our collective study of the book of Ephesians! Thank you for walking through this endlessly fascinating letter with us. We hope you’ve learned something new about this particular letter, the New Testament letters in general, and the way we can relate to them across time and space. To close out, here’s a list of resources for further reading, watching, and listening as well as links to each individual post in this series.


The Bible Project Videos

NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible by Keener & Walton

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth & How to Read the Bible Book by Book by Stuart & Fee

Ephesians Commentary by Stephen Fowl

Living-letters.com (Stephen Trafton’s ministry, reading New Testament letters from stage)
Instagram/Facebook: @experiencelivingletters

Ephesians Study Series

Heidi Johnston’s Interview with Stephen Trafton

Michael Card’s Introduction to Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians

Ephesians 1: The Lyric and Music of the Gospel by Russ Ramsey

Ephesians 2: The Cosmic Drama of Redemption by Rob Wheeler

Ephesians 3 and the Big Picture by Rebecca Reynolds

Ephesians 4: Living Together in Grace & Truth by S. D. Smith

Ephesians 5: Walking in Love by Heidi Johnston

Ephesians 6 and the Road Less Traveled by Mark Meynell

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  1. Lisa Ruzicka


    It seems like God had the exact people show up for the video that He wanted there. It’s sad to me that there is even a discussion about race for a believer, Galatians 3:28 There was no discrimination in your heart and people need to be judging this by the Holy Spirit not by the Flesh of man. If I saw a video with all black people in it I would not for one second think that they needed to have all the races represented. Why would that even be the focus on a video that was so beautifully done for the glory of God and is completely focused on him? Why would anyone reduce this to a question of race prejudice? Scripture says “If I were still trying to please man I would not be a servant of God.” Gal 1:10 Stop trying to please man and just know that you pleased God with that song.

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