New Hutchmoot Podcast Episode: Sailing Full and By


Only a very few novels come together in such a way as to perfectly capture the aspects of language, faith, adventure, beauty, and mystery that we love so much in the Rabbit Room, and Leif Enger is the rare author who has written more than one of them.

Whether it’s the miraculous tale of Peace Like a River, the conversational grace of So Brave, Young, and Handsome, or the high-flying kites of Virgil Wander, Leif is a teller of the kind of tales that we love to love. Here, in his 2013 Hutchmoot address, he reminds us that we’re all driven by a holy wind, and we’re at our best when we relax into its mystery, and sail a course full and by.

Click here to listen to this new episode of the Hutchmoot Podcast.

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