A New Local Show Season Begins: Fall 2019


One short week from today (September 3rd), the Local Show will return for its Fall 2019 season! And it will kick off with a slew of excellent voices: Andrew Osenga, Leslie Jordan, Chris Renzema, Becca Bradley, and Becca Jordan. You may or may not be familiar with all those names—not to worry. This post will get you up to speed on all these excellent artists.

A beloved member of the Rabbit Room community, Andrew Osenga’s influence has been deeply formative to many. His newest album The Painted Desert is a journey through grief, discouragement, friendship, and healing, and we absolutely cherish it.

Leslie Jordan has a deep understanding of worship that manifests beautifully in her songwriting. Most well-known for her work with All Sons & Daughters, her lyrics and melodies have enriched many, and we are always so excited to hear what she’s been writing.

Chris Renzema brings a clarity of emotion to his songs that is better experienced than explained. His music is prayerful, sincere, and compelling in its authenticity. He’s been very busy lately with touring and new music, and we’re all ears.

Becca Bradley‘s music is serene and gentle, marked by the mature subtlety and elegance of understatement. Her words ring true and it’s a pleasure to have her on this first Local Show of the Fall 2019 season.

Becca Jordan‘s songs come from a deep place, and it rings true in the very first words of every song. Her music is a wellspring of emotional intelligence—she sings with a calmness born of true engagement with the life she lives, and her honesty is infectious. Welcome to the Local Show, Becca!

Click here to purchase your tickets for our September 3rd Local Show.

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