New BibleProject Video: “Tree of Life”


It’s no secret that we at the Rabbit Room are huge fans of the BibleProject. Their work, in all its forms—immersive videos, fascinating podcast conversations, the Read Scripture book and app, and so much more—testifies to a remarkable integration of beauty, truth-telling, and infectiously playful wisdom.

They just released a new video that knocks it out of the park. Every color, motif, and word is chosen with the utmost care, resulting in five minutes of densely-packed teaching that will clarify the way you see the symbolism of trees all throughout the Bible.

One primary purpose of the Rabbit Room is to uphold and shamelessly geek out about deeply good, gospel-inspired creative work being done wherever we find it. So if you’re new to the BibleProject, consider this your introduction. And if this isn’t your first rodeo, consider supporting their work by donating or sharing with your friends—they are a completely crowdfunded animation studio.

Visit the BibleProject website to learn more.


  1. Nathaniel Miller


    I found out about BibleProject nearly 3 years ago through an article posted here in the Rabbit Room by Heidi Johnston ( It’s
    probably the single most impactful post I have encountered here as I have watched every video and listened to every podcast they’ve made since. My hunger and understanding of the Bible has grown exponentially as a result. And yes, Tree of Life is a thing of beauty and truth. Thank you Heidi and The Rabbit Room for introducing me to BibleProject. I hope this post will introduce more of The Rabbit Room community to their work.

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