The Habit Podcast: Elyse Fitzpatrick & Erick Schumacher


The Habit Podcast is a series of conversations with writers about writing, hosted by Jonathan Rogers. This week, Jonathan Rogers interviews Elyse Fitzpatrick and Eric Schumacher, co-authors of the book Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women.

Elyse Fitzpatrick and Eric Schumacher are co-authors of Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women. In this episode, Jonathan, Elyse, and Eric discuss writing as an antidote to reducing other people to categories, the church’s responsibility to defend victims of sexual abuse, the cowriting process for Elyse and Eric, and how they have chosen to navigate a politically fraught topic.

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  1. karajanechase

    Elyse and Eric’s voices offered a gentle rebuke to me. I was confronted with the fact that I have much to learn about being a good listener. As a Conservative Christian, I feel I’ve applied Doctrine to my convictions to the neglect of applying Doctrine to my conversations. I so easily forget all of those wonderful “One Another’s” in the Epistles, that are useful in directing and preparing our hearts towards others, especially those of the household of faith, before we ever open our mouths.
    I think what Elyse said about knee jerk reactions is spot on, and I feel like it may be due in part to what I previously mentioned but also perhaps because we live at the speed of knee jerk reactions, especially in the realm of social media, where posts and comments and tweets are relevant one moment and gone the next. This feeling of urgency can leave little room for thoughtfulness, meditation, and prayerfulness in our responses. I know I’ve been guilty of it.
    I look forward to reading their book and I hope to hear some gracious conversations here in the Rabbit Room with others who do.

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