Frankenstein: An Audio Performance


The art of theater is inherently transient—a well-rehearsed play is an enormous labor, only to be enjoyed a handful of times by a handful of audiences. A. S. Peterson’s adaptation of Frankenstein was a tremendous gift to all who were able to see it live. For everyone else, it has been confined to a printed script.

Until now! We at the Rabbit Room are so glad to announce—just in time for Halloween—a special audio performance of the play, now available in audiobook form. And you can hear a ten-minute preview here in this blog post.

This excerpt is taken from Act 1, Scene 9. As you can hear, this is not merely a group of actors reading their lines in front of microphones—it’s an entire atmosphere of sounds carefully produced to bring you directly into the story.

Click here to purchase an audiobook CD of Frankenstein in the Rabbit Room Store.

Click here to download Frankenstein on Audible.

And click here to view the stage adaptation in printed form in the Rabbit Room Store.

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