The Molehill Podcast: When the Angel Stirred the Waters (feat. Jonathan Rogers, Jen Rose Yokel & Rebecca Reynolds)


Wherein Jen Rose Yokel reads her poem “When I See It” and her piece “Beneath the Flood,” Rebecca Reynolds reads her poems “Dear Students” and “The Farmer,” Jonathan Rogers reads his short story “When the Angel Stirred the Waters,” and Drew Miller thanks you for listening to Season 1 of The Molehill Podcast.

First published in Volume 2 of The Molehill, “When the Angel Stirred the Waters” is something of a riot. The story unfolds in the backwaters of Florida and directly downstream from Flannery O’Connor. It involves a mermaid, a fistfight at a beloved whirlhole, and for those of you who are curious, yes—an alligator.

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Artwork by the inimitable Stephen Crotts
Words of Befuddlement graphic by Mindy Cook
Original Molehill Podcast theme music by Zach & Maggie

Other music featured in this episode:
“Ruminate” & “Wish for Bridges” by Brooke Waggoner

“We Will” by Chris Coleman
“A Light So Fair” by Ron Block

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