Hutchmoot in the Time of COVID


2020 is behind us and 2021 is looking up, but as we plan out the year ahead, there’s still a lot of uncertainty about travel restrictions and limits on gatherings. So rather than take a risk on a Hutchmoot that might run into problems as the year develops, we’re making the decision early on to switch gears again this year to Hutchmoot: Homebound.

We had so much fun putting Homebound together last year that we’re excited to dive back in again with more time to plan and a better idea of what works and what to correct. So we’re happy to announce that October 8-10 we’ll once again be hosting Hutchmoot: Homebound from North Wind Manor, and we can’t wait to tell you who our keynote speaker is—but that information will have to wait a bit longer. What’s certain, though, is that you can expect more music, more sessions, more interactions, and more fun. Look for tickets to go on sale in early March.

So what does that mean for those with tickets for Hutchmoot 2021?

We’re 100% confident that a live, in-person Hutchmoot will happen in Nashville in 2022, so you’re welcome to hold onto your ticket and it’ll be automatically transferred to 2022. We know that’s not ideal for everyone, though, so if you currently hold a ticket for Hutchmoot 2021 (which means you initially purchased it for Hutchmoot 2020), please write to us at to let us know you’d like a refund, and we’ll be happy to get your money back to you.

We hope you’ll join us from home again this year, and we hope you’ll invite a friend to join you. As information develops, we’ll keep you up to date both here on the Rabbit Room site and at

Pete Peterson is the author of the Revolutionary War adventure The Fiddler’s Gun and its sequel Fiddler’s Green. Among the many strange things he’s been in life are the following: U.S Marine air traffic controller, television editor, art teacher and boatwright at the Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch, and progenitor of the mysterious Budge-Nuzzard. He lives in Nashville with his wife, Jennifer, where he's the Executive Director of the Rabbit Room and Managing Editor of Rabbit Room Press.


  1. Felicity Grace

    Thank you all so much in advance! Last year was my first Hutchmoot experience and I enjoyed every last second of it. I am already looking forward to it.

  2. Bailey McGee


    I appreciate so much the care for all of us that this represents. Thank you for making hard decisions (and making them early) so that we don’t have to. Hutchmoot Homebound was such a gift last year, I cannot wait to see all that y’all come up with this year!

  3. Micah Heotzler


    While it is a bummer that we’re still dealing with all the uncertainty of COVID, I will say I appreciate all the work you all have been doing to make Hutchmoot work online.
    I would have never had the chance to experience it otherwise, had it not been your desire to keep the community experience going in these unusual times. I hope to be able to join this year as well! I won’t likely be able to join ever again once there is no need for Hutchmoot Homebound (online) anymore. 

  4. Emma Schramm


    Homebound was such a blessing to me in 2020, and I have no doubt that it will be so again in 2021! Only this year I hope to be able to get the homebound package. 😉

  5. L.A. Smith


    Oh this is such wonderful news. Thank you for this. Homebound last year was such a blessing. I am so excited to be able to attend again this year. 

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