Sing the Bible, Vol. 4: Let’s Help Make it Happen!


Calling all music-loving kids, parents, and slugs named Doug: Slugs & Bugs is making a new Sing the Bible album, and you’re invited to help make it happen! In the words of Sparky the Lightning Bug, “Let’s get this slug started!”

As you’ll see on the special SlugStarter page, Doug the Slug is currently halfway up the mountain, taking a much-deserved coffee break. But with your help, he can get all the way to the summit! Plus, there are all kinds of fun prizes to be had for helping him out—like autographed show posters, access to a Q&A session with Mr. Randall on April 10th, an invitation to the premiere of the Slugs and Bugs Show Season Two, and so much more.

Here’s a message from Mr. Randall about the Sing the Bible, Vol. 4 project:

Every morning I carry my Bible up the stairs. And these days, I’m so glad it’s heavy. It’s like a counterweight to all that would pile on and sink me into oblivion. As I read, the Bible lights a joyful path through the darkness. So naturally, I can’t wait to share these new word-for-word Scripture songs for Sing the Bible Vol. 4!

The theme for Sing the Bible Vol. 4 is joyful discipleship, with 26 Scripture verses about what it really means to follow Jesus.

How do we do it as a family? How does it change us? And what’s with all the barnyard animals? 

Join me, along with Doug the Slug, Sparky the Lightning Bug, and a host of other friends like Rain for Roots, Lakeisha Williams and various members of the Goodgame family, as we sing our hearts out in celebration of following Jesus along the well-lit path. 

Bwap, bwap-a-dibbity do!

—Randall Goodgame

Click here to visit the SlugStarter and be part of this fun new project.

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