Announcing More Guests at Hutchmoot: Homebound 2021


We’ve got a few more guests for Hutchmoot: Homebound 2021 who we are so excited to welcome into the conference—Tim Mackie, Mark Meynell, and Sandra McCracken. Limited Mystery Moot Kits are available, and you can register at

New Guests

Click here to learn more about Tim Mackie, Mark Meynell, and Sandra McCracken.

Rabbit Room Members, Guess What!

We’ll have special Hutchmoot content for members again this year!

If you want to learn more about what membership means you can read about it on the blog or on our Become a Member page.

Hutchmoot: Homebound is possible because of our sponsors. If you’ve been positively impacted by Hutchmoot or believe in the work we do here, consider becoming a sponsor.

Hutchmoot: Homebound will take place digitally October 8-10. Sign up to join us at

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  1. Jeanine Joyner

    I was already excited, but seeing Jason Eskridge is joining us just pushed it to a whole new level!  What an amazing list of guests you have found! 

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