Announcing Opening Week at North Wind Manor


We are so excited to announce Opening Week at North Wind Manor: a 4-day celebration (July 13th-16th) of the Rabbit Room’s newly rebuilt community space through story, music, art, and community. It’s just the beginning of what we hope will be a continual calendar of events aimed at nourishing Christ-centered communities for the life of the world. We hope you can join us for this exciting week of events!

Here’s the run-down on all that we have in store for you.

Tuesday: The Local Show

The Local Show is the Rabbit Room’s ongoing songwriters’ round show. Previously held at The Well Coffeehouse, we are now pleased to present the concert live from North Wind Manor! Each show features a new line-up of some of Nashville’s best singers and songwriters. But what makes the Local Show special is that the players aren’t just great musicians, they are great friends. The show is one way in which we incarnate the Rabbit Room community, and you’re invited to join the fun.

So in celebration of music, we will host the Local Show on Tuesday night, featuring Andrew Peterson, The Arcadian Wild, Buddy Greene, Ron Block, and Jeff Taylor.

Click here to reserve your spot at the Local Show.

Wednesday Afternoon: Art Gallery Open House

Stop by anytime between 10am and 4pm on Wednesday, July 14th to see a variety of art curated by painter Jamin Still. No ticket required for this one!

Wednesday Evening: Art Talk with Russ Ramsey

In celebration of art, we’ve invited pastor, author, and art enthusiast Russ Ramsey to speak about the work of American painter Henry Ossawa Tanner.

Click here to reserve your spot at the Art Talk.

Thursday: Storytellers’ Night

In celebration of story, we will host a Storytellers’ Night on Thursday night. We’ve invited authors Douglas McKelvey, Andrew Peterson, Pete Peterson, Jonathan Rogers, Helena Sorensen, and Jennifer Trafton to read short stories and excerpts of their works as we gather together.

Click here to reserve your spot at Storytellers’ Night.

Friday: Film Night

And finally, Friday night is Film Night at North Wind Manor. Films combine all four core elements of the Rabbit Room’s mission and purview: story, music, art, and community. For North Wind Manor Opening Week, we will be hosting a film night followed by a moderator-led group discussion about the film. Popcorn shall abound!

We can’t reveal the name of the film. However, so you can plan appropriately, it is rated PG-13 for some thematic elements and a rude gesture.

Click here to reserve your spot at Film Night.

We want events at North Wind Manor to be a gift to the community, so registration is free! If you would like to help support the grand opening and other ongoing events, you can give directly to the North Wind Manor fund, or consider becoming a Rabbit Room member.

Everything listed here is only the beginning—we can’t wait to host more life-giving events all throughout the year at North Wind Manor. If you want to be the first to hear about new event announcements, sign up for our email list.

P.S. We encourage you to choose just one or two events to attend out of the four that are listed here—we want to do everything we can to allow as many different people to gather at the Manor during Opening Week as possible, and space is limited. Thank you!


  1. Eva Nappier

    This sounds so amazing. I’m just wishing I lived in Nashville and could hang out with you guys all week. There is such a gaping need for a creative community, invading the world with beauty to overtake darkness. Wishing there was an oasis like this near me! May North Wind’s opening week be blessed! 

  2. Geoff Todd

    This makes my heart ache, in a good way! What a joyful thing it is to see a beacon of light and beauty being established boldly like this. I’ve followed the North Wind Manor developments from afar and would so love to be there with you. One day… God bless you all – I pray that the opening events will be truly wonderful.

  3. Chana Keefer

    Be still my heart! I’m in TN from California & didn’t even know this was happening. Yippeeyeaye!! Hoping to attend Thursday night!! Since our family is planning to relocate here from CA, I’m super-excited to make some crazy, artsy, in-love-with-Christ friends. <3

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