The Habit Podcast: Ben Palpant Writes Letters from the Mountain


This week on The Habit Podcast, Jonathan Rogers talks with Ben Palpant, a poet, memoirist, novelist, and writer of nonfiction.

Palpant’s new book, Letters from the Mountain, is a collection of letters to his daughter about writing, creativity, paying attention, and generativity.

Click here to listen to Season 3, Episode 38 of The Habit Podcast.

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1 Comment

  1. Anne Roche

    I regularly listen to and thoroughly enjoy the Habit podcast. As a writer who is a Christian, I appreciate the wisdom offered by Jonathan and his guests that goes beyond standard advice on craft (show don’t tell, aim for clarity…) and delves into the heart posture of the writer (love your readers…). This week’s episode was filled with gems of truth and inspiration (and, by the way, I can’t wait to read Letters from the Mountain). 
    I want to share what happened just before I listened to the podcast this morning. I was taking a walk and had started out with music in my ears, but I felt I should turn off the tunes and just immerse myself in my natural surroundings–maybe God had something to say that I wouldn’t hear through all that noise. As I walked along listening to birdsong instead of Led Zeppelin (yes, I downloaded a Zeppelin song that had popped into my head this morning!) I started to think about the beauty around me, and how God’s own beauty is reflected in His creation, and how Creation’s beauty–while it reveals much about its Creator–doesn’t come close to measuring up to God’s own beauty, and so on. Then, as I thought about the inspiration I draw from God’s wonderful works, this phrase came into my mind: Beauty begets beauty. It seemed to come out of thin air, but I thought it had a good ring and was worth some further contemplation. I put it aside for later, though. I felt I had done enough pondering for one morning and decided to pop the earbuds back in. I remembered that I hadn’t listened to the Habit yet this week, so that was where I turned (in hopes of hearing some inspiration that would get me fired up to go back home and write). As you might imagine, I was blown away when Mr. Palpant mentioned the notion of art being “generative” (beauty begets beauty)!
    Well, I have many more thoughts, but I will need to revisit this podcast episode again and will look forward to poring over the transcript when it is ready. For now, I’ll just say thank you for the wonderful content you continue to provide. Blessings!

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