Online Reading Group: Letters from the Mountain


To accompany the release of the newest title to Rabbit Room Press, we invite you to join the Letters from the Mountain online reading group! It opens October 18th and will include weekly Zoom chats with author Ben Palpant. Read on for more information and a link to sign up.

Think of this reading group as a chance to read over the author’s shoulder as he pens letters to his daughter on matters of faith and creativity in community. It’s your opportunity to enter the intimate friendship that they share, to ask questions that spring up along the way as they discuss living generatively, and to be shepherded both by the author and by each other as we learn to use the gifts God has given us for the life of the world. You’ll also be given a prompt each week to make something beautiful (in word, art, music, or whatever form you’d like) and share with the group. Letters from the Mountain is not just for artists and writers. It’s a book that addresses the issues every Christian faces: learning to see what God sees, handling criticism, facing anxiety, the gift of the mundane, dealing with self-doubt, and much more.

The “live” version of this book group (including the online discussion forum) opens October 18 and will include Zoom chats with the author every Thursday night at 6:00 p.m. CST for four weeks (October 21, 28, November 4, 11). However, you are welcome to join at any time, even after the live chats have ended. The discussions will be archived, and the online forum will be open indefinitely for new registrants to continue reading and discussing the book.

Click here to register for the online course.


  1. Molly Lin Dutina

    I have been waiting for Zoom information for tonight’s discussion. Nothing has arrived so far, 4:37 PM eastern time. I hope I have not been dropped from the list in some way. 

  2. Drew Miller


    Hi Molly,

    I’m sorry for your inconvenience. It looks like your email address became unsubscribed somewhere along the way, but I’ve added you back. You should receive email updates on this reading group now—you can always see the archived discussion from last night and join the remaining three discussions live.

    -Drew Miller (Content Developer)

  3. Lcrmrsd


    I was able to join the first discussion. Today I tried to log in to begin the discussion questions. Says I have to enroll. Even when I sign in the site does not show me as enrolled. HELP!!! Please

  4. Drew Miller


    Hi again Molly,

    Sorry for your trouble. I’ve replied to your comment via email—check your inbox and we’ll get this sorted out.

    -Drew Miller (Content Developer)

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