Artists & Inspiration with Ella Mine & Tim Joyner


On this episode of the Artists & Podcast, Kyra and Jamin are joined by Tim Joyner and Ella Mine. They talk about creativity and discuss their views on inspiration: what it is, how they foster it, and what they do to move forward when it’s gone.

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This episode’s guests:

Ella Mine

With a mesmerizing combination of musical fluency and lyrical vulnerability, Ella Mine divines and names depths of the human experience that often go unnamed, creating a hospitable space where the listener might untangle the mystery of their own emotions. Her debut record, a concept album titled Dream War, weaves a surreal and otherworldly tapestry of poetic melodies and storytelling, sifting the ruins of devastating personal experience for shimmering gems of hope.

You can learn more about Ella and view some of her art at her website and on Instagram.

Tim Joyner

Tim Joyner is an artist based in New England. Working primarily with natural pigments and inks derived from locally-foraged materials, his paintings are an inquiry into the mysterious, inner nature of the raw elements he uses. In elevating the most simple of materials to the status of “fine art,” things we often take for granted—stone, lichen, seaweed—are given voice to remind us of the sacredness of place and the beauty and goodness woven through all living things.

You can follow Tim and his work on Instagram.

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