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Grief & Delight

By Jonathan Rogers

This past weekend my friend Heidi Johnston and I led a session at the Rabbit Room’s Hutchmoot UK in Oxford, England. Our topic was delight and the writer.

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Letter From a Benevolent Spammer

By John Michael Heard

I discovered the following note in my email inbox yesterday at 3:08 a.m. (Don’t ask me why I was up that late — the internet is a vortex.) The email subject line was: READ THIS TO AVOID BEING EATEN BY SHARKS. It was from one, Father Samuel Persla. It said:

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The Generosities of a Dungeon Master

By Rebecca Reynolds

When I was eleven, I enrolled in a five-week kids program at the University of Louisville. One class featured a new role-playing game that was sweeping America: Dungeons and Dragons. I was both fascinated and overwhelmed by the scope of gameplay, but just as I was finally getting my bearings, word spread that D&D was demonic and led to violence. So, my light blue plastic dice disappeared for the rest of my childhood, and I returned to Parcheesi. 

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The Holy Work of Shape-shifting Dragons

By Dave Connis

I was driving my son to school when we almost ran over a beaver in the middle of what should have been a beaver-less place. It was a field filled with cows and one lone dump truck rusting into the ground. After narrowly dodging becoming beaver murderers, my son and I got to thinking about beaver-ish things. He had a lot of questions.

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Speaking What I Feel: An Interview with Eric Peters

By Matt Conner

The maelstrom of the last few years has proven difficult for singer-songwriter Eric Peters, but the resulting growth has given way to a new set of songs that chronicle those experiences in a meaningful way.

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Scent, Memory, and Worship

By Heidi Johnston

Last year in Nashville, I bought some pumpkin and caramel-scented candles. For the next few weeks, our home was filled with a smell that, in my mind, will forever be associated with Hutchmoot. While I burned my candles mercilessly, my daughter saved a small one and kept it in her room.

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