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Forge the Ring, Pass the Soup

By Pete Peterson

I’ve read the Lord of the Rings so many times I have sizable swaths of it memorized. It doesn’t require much to get me reciting lines about the sound of horns echoing dimly in dark Mindolluin’s sides, or to call out a foul dwimmerlaik for his deeds and trespasses. I’ve loved Tolkien since I first read him. I always will. And I know I’m not alone.

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Redemption in the Wreckage: A Review of Drew Miller’s There Will Be Surprises

By John Barber

In Drew Miller’s aptly titled new album There Will be Surprises, unexpected delights lurk around every corner, and the result is a musical and lyrical feast. From the opening phrase, “Father, your world’s on fire,” to the powerful closing track, Miller takes us on a winding journey that explores the complexity of God’s providence and His goodness.

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Come Work with the Rabbit Room!

By Andy Patton

Accounts Manager

As our Accounts Manager, you will be in charge of the Rabbit Room’s bookkeeping and accounts. You will get to oversee the clear and orderly recording of Rabbit Room finances, invoices, gifts, paychecks, and donations and coordinate with third parties to execute our annual audit and tax filings.

To Apply

Email with your resume and a cover letter to apply.

Marcel the Shell’s Movie is Good Medicine for Our Pandemic Recovery

By Jeffrey Overstreet

On my way to the office to write this review, I passed Grumpy D’s coffeehouse and saw that it had closed. This place too? So many neighborhood “third places” have disappeared during these past few years of pandemic, lockdown, and economic hardships.

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The Beauty of Bluey

By Sarah Bramblett

A Jennifer Trafton print of a quote from Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga adorns a shelf in my daughter’s room. Vibrant colors speak over the nursery, “It’s a story the maker has always told, and the story, my child, is true.”

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The Consolation of Doubt: An Address to the Buechner Institute

By Andrew Peterson

RR Note: It feels like every corner of the Rabbit Room is shaped in some way by the meaningful work of Frederick Buechner. As we grieve his bittersweet passing at the age of 96, we wanted to repost an address given by Andrew Peterson to the Buechner Institute from 2016 that pays tribute to his eternal impact. 

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Piers Plowman and the Possibilities of Poetry

By Andrew Roycroft

During this past summer season I had the joy of taking an aimless stroll through St Albans, in Hertfordshire, England. History was everywhere on display. From the remaining Roman walls of Verulamium to the riches of a tightly woven Christian past, it is a town that provides a fair field full of folklore, a storehouse of what has gone before.

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Living the Questions: ‘A Curious Faith’ review

By Jen Rose Yokel

When I started training to become a spiritual director, I was relieved to learn very quickly that our job isn’t about giving directions, fixing problems, or doling out wisdom like some sort of Jesus Yoda.

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Old Favorites: Andy Osenga’s ‘Leonard the Lonely Astronaut’

By Mark Geil

The year was 2012, and I was at my third Hutchmoot, my first as photographer. In the three years the event had existed, a tradition had emerged called the “Lagniappe” — a mysterious, secret event that followed the keynote but was on the quirkier side (think Shakespearean Star Wars). That year at the Church of the Redeemer, the schedule gave a little clue: 8:30 pm – Reveille. 

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On The Hiding Place & Shared Suffering

By Carly Marlys

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in a conference room with a group of my coworkers, and for some reason, my stomach was killing me. Sharp pain was shooting up and down my abdomen and all I could do was sit still and try to hide the pain with a smile. As I looked around at my co-workers, I noticed that no one could tell—either they were all too wrapped up in their own thoughts and actions to notice, or else I am a much better actress than I thought I was. 

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Hutchmoot UK: Waves of the New Creation

By Heidi Johnston

We spent the first evening after our return from Hutchmoot UK trying to revive our garden. In the busyness of life, with daughters going in one direction and Glenn and I going another, we forgot to arrange for someone to take care of our plants. The hot, dry weather had done its work and the results were obvious the second we looked out the kitchen window.

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