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Meet November’s Local Show participants

By Livi Goodgame

We love getting the chance to share meaningful music here at the Rabbit Room. It is an honor to be able to showcase different artists in the community who are not only great singer-songwriters but also great friends.

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A House Concert and the Magic of Fellowship

By Trailand Eltzroth

“We’ve been invited to a house concert where Son of Laughter will be sharing. I’d really like to go,” my wife said. I didn’t need any convincing. “Awesome, which grandmother should I ask to babysit?” I replied.

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A Storage Unit Full of Pandora’s Boxes

By Rebecca Reynolds

We filled our storage unit with hundreds of boxes during a family crisis. I couldn’t sort through it all at the time because too many objects triggered memories I didn’t have the capacity to process. Here was the stuffed animal of a grown child I’d give anything to go back and parent differently. The scent of a half-burned candle from our first home. A t-shirt I wore while making a mistake that led to years of pain. A church bulletin with naïve but simple, faith-filled notes I’d scribbled in the margin. An old Christmas card from a beloved friend who ended up not being a friend at all.

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Extra, Extra: Stories from the Background

By Sarah Bramblett

To my sisters and me, my dad is the main character. He is presence and purpose, laughter and adventure, wisdom and authenticity. He’s also a protagonist in his job, marriage, and role in the church.

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The Guild Conference: For the Craft and Character of Artists

By Matt Conner

It’s always a joy to highlight the meaningful work of friends, and we’re excited to support a new one-day event happening soon in Raleigh, North Carolina called The Guild Conference.

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Welcome to Hutchmoot 2022

By Andrew Peterson

As many of you know, the original Rabbit Room was in the back of a pub called The Eagle and Child, which was right across the street from another Inklings haunt called The Lamb and Flag. From what I read, Lewis and Tolkien changed pubs because they were annoyed that the Eagle and Child had introduced a dartboard. I happen to agree that a good pub’s goodness is due to its hospitality to good conversation. Loud music and television screens and party games have no place in the pubs of my dreams. 

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The Habit of Hope

By Dawn Morrow

On most weekend afternoons the year I turned seven, you could find me in my room pacing the purple shag rug while a library record spun on my old turntable. That summer, the last track on the b-side of a recording of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf was on heavy rotation. It’s the first time I remember hearing the story of Pandora’s Box, and I was enthralled.

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We Carry Kevan introduces ‘Who Are We?’ series

By Kevan Chandler

We Carry Kevan started in 2016 as an experiment in travel and friendship. Some guys and I wanted to go to Europe, and everywhere we planned to visit wasn’t going to be wheelchair accessible. This would normally be a problem because I am in a wheelchair, but we decided to not let that stop us. Leaving my chair behind, they carried me in a special backpack for three weeks as we danced through the streets of Paris, hopped fences in the English countryside, and hiked an island 7 miles off the coast of Ireland. 

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The Lives Around Our Writing

By John Cal

It’s been months, maybe even a year or more since I’ve written anything of substance. I sit down at the computer and I stare at the screen. I’ll be at a coffee shop with my notebook, pen in hand, and stare at the page. I might scribble a sentence down, maybe two before shutting the cover and diverting my attention to my latte instead. My journaling is sporadic. A paragraph here and there over the last two or three years. 

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