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John Piper on C.S. Lewis: “I shall never cease to thank God for this remarkable man…”

By S. D. Smith

Here is a small excerpt from John Piper’s excellent book Don’t Waste Your Life (which you can read here for free, or buy here for a pittance) wherein he expresses thankfulness for Read More ›

I used to be a snob, but I’m better than that now (and better than you)

By S. D. Smith

C.S. Lewis famously warned us of the dangers of chronological snobbery, and he is right on.
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God Only Knows What I’d Be Without The Beach Boys

By Jason Gray

Today I bought my first Beach Boys album: Pet Sounds. For the past year or so, Ben Shive and I have been having an ongoing conversation about the virtues of the seminal 80’s new wave band The Talking Heads Read More ›