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The Hobbit: Five Responses to Fairy Tales

By Travis Prinzi

Tolkien has always been a source of wisdom for approaching the fairy tale, particularly his classic essay, “On Fairy Stories,” about which I have written here before. That is, he teaches us, as an outsider or even trespasser in the land Read More ›

Guest Post: Of Tolkien, Fairytales, and the Gift of Hope

By The Rabbit Room

[Today’s outstanding guest post is by Siobhan Maloney. Siobhan works for the Center for Cultural and Pastoral Research at the John Paul II Institute in Washington D.C. She also assists with their Read More ›

Following the Fairy Tale of People, People

By Janie Townsend

Have you ever read Hans Christian Andersen’s original The Little Mermaid? Not that Disney introduced us to an inadequate interpretation. It’s just there’s something special about Andersen’s fairytales, how he captures sweeping hope and sharp sorrow without muddling a story’s simplicity. Read More ›

A Magic Deeper than Tales

By S. D. Smith

One of the great benefits of reading fiction is the experience we often have of deep empathy for a character. Like a charm, we don’t even realize we have become immersed in someone else’s perspective, loving what they love, hating what they hate, riding shotgun in Read More ›

Remembering What We Mean

By Doug McKelvey

“Fairy tales say that apples were golden only to refresh the forgotten moment when we found that they were green. They make rivers run with wine only to make us remember, for one wild moment, that they run with water.” –G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

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From the North Wind Library: More Than Words

By Sarah Geil

Like beauty, books are meant to be shared. The library at North Wind Manor has been created as a place for books to be shared. With sections such as “Ghost Stories” and “Literary studies,” “Rabbit Room Read More ›

Guest Post: Always a King or Queen: C. S. Lewis on Childhood (Part 2)

By The Rabbit Room

[This week’s guest post (in two parts) is by Matthew Aughtry, whom you may recall created this short film, and this “What is Hutchmoot” short. Check out Matthew’s Vimeo channel to see his Read More ›

The Holy Longing of Happily Ever After (by Josh Bishop)

By Story Warren

Josh Bishop shared this post at Story Warren and I thought you guys would love it as much as I did, especially the ending. –S.D. “Sam” Smith Read More ›

Gobsmacked: An Afterword to The Light Princess

By Andrew Peterson

Years ago I was helping out in a Sunday School class, and the teacher asked the boys and girls what I thought was an unfortunate question.

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The Light Princess & A Faerie Wind

By Jennifer Trafton

[Editor’s note: Recently, the Rabbit Room staff has been struck by the sheer amount of awesome new stuff being released during the month of October. So this month’s blog content will be punctuated by posts that spotlight each of these exciting new works of art. We will begin with Rabbit Room Press’s reprinting of The Light Princess, complete with illustrations by Ned Bustard (of Every Moment Holy). What follows is the foreword included in the book, written by Jennifer Trafton. Enjoy!]

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The Faerie Queene: An Invitation to Discover a Forgotten Epic

By Rebecca Reynolds

It’s mid-July and unusually hot for Oxford. Sweat rolls down your spine, and your feet are on fire. Half a block down, you see an indie bookshop. No air conditioning, but they have a basement.

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The Last Unicorn and a Better Remembrance

By Elizabeth Harwell

“The unicorn lived in a lilac wood, and she lived all alone.” This is how Peter S. Beagle swings open the door to the world of his classic, The Last Unicorn. But before I was able to make words out of letters, and stories out of ink on a page, my unicorn lived in the 1982 animated classic under the same name.

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