A Constant Sword

By Adam Whipple

The drug of comeuppance no longer satisfies me. I’ve tasted it too many times, mostly in movies, or in the rolling celluloid fiction of my mind. The high has vanished now, leaving in its place a shadow that looks like Saint Peter drawing a sword at Gethsemane, an echo that sounds like a Savior disappointed, even slightly alarmed.

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Joyful Abundance: A review of Andrew Osenga’s Living Water EP

By Jen Rose Yokel

Waking up to joy can feel like spring. One day, it’s all gray skies and brown sticks. The next, the ground has softened into mud and the trees are covered with flowers you barely noticed were budding. That’s the feeling of Andrew Osenga’s new EP Living Water, five songs that prepare the way for his upcoming album Headwaters like a garden bursting into bloom.

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Papa Keller

By Rebecca Reynolds

Creators of dystopian fiction often emphasize the losses of a post-apocalyptic world by featuring remnants of a former, easier life. From the H.G. Wells 1936 film Things to Come to the 2023 HBO release The Last of Us, directors show everyday objects we take for granted grown precious in the realm of the survivor: a box of shoelaces, a Top 100 Billboard Hits book, airplane parts, a can of peaches–bits and bobbles of pre-disaster ease now precious to people trying to scrap together life in a world grown dark.  

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Remembering Timothy James Keller (A.D. 1950-2023)

By David Mitchel

This Friday last, pastor, teacher, and author Tim Keller took one final drag on the air of old creation, then breathed his first breath of the unadulterated rest of Christ, in which rest he now awaits the further glory to be revealed at the Resurrection. For Tim, this transposition is great gain, though it is a hard loss for many left behind: thousands whom Tim pastored and mentored; hundreds of thousands whom he taught through his incomparable sermons, lectures, and writings; many personal friends; and, of course, for Kathy, Tim’s wife of nearly fifty years, and their three children.

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But It Never Gets Easy: A Review of Running With Our Eyes Closed

By Janna Barber

We could never go back and be strangers
All our secrets are mixed and distilled
But you’ve taught me to temper my anger
And you’ve learned what it’s like to be still

Jason Isbell sings these lines in a song called “Running With Our Eyes Closed,” which is also the title of a new documentary by Sam Jones that follows the recording and release of Reunions–the chart-topping record put out by Isbell and his band, The 400 Unit, in early 2020. 

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A Track-by-Track Tour of Caroline Cobb’s New Psalms Album

By Caroline Cobb

I started dreaming about the theme of my next album just before 2020, and found myself drawn toward the Psalms. So in my personal devotion time, I began studying and meditating on a new Psalm each day, praying them back to God and letting these ancient prayers shape my own. Little did I know how difficult the next few years would turn out to be, or how the Psalms would end up giving me words to pray through a worldwide pandemic, my own ministry burnout, and the unexpected death of my dad after heart surgery. 

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An Open Letter to My High School Self

By JJ Heller

Graduation season is almost upon us! Five years ago I wrote letter to my high school self, and I just released a song inspired by some of these thoughts. Here’s some of what it said…

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Crafting Companionship: An interview with Jess Ray

By Matt Conner

The last few years have found Jess Ray wrestling on several fronts—with her calling, her music, her spirituality. She’s not the only one. A global pandemic shook the trees for a lot of us, a forced reconsideration of most aspects of life as routines were interrupted and institutions were weakened.

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New Position: Executive Director

By RR Staff

In the past few years, I’ve grown increasingly attached, first to the development of Rabbit Room Press, which is constantly growing into new and exciting areas, and more recently, to Rabbit Room Theatre, which has exciting things coming up in the near future. At the same time, the organization has grown by leaps and bounds since I was appointed Executive Director in 2016. Over the course of the last couple of years, I’ve consistently asked the Rabbit Room Board to allow me to focus more intentionally on the Press and Theatre, and now we’ve collectively agreed that the time make that shift has come.

As of today, we are officially searching for a new Executive Director, and I’m directing all of my efforts toward the continued health and growth of the Press and Theatre programs. I could not be more excited about this opportunity to lean wholly into my creative gifts. And I’m equally excited to discover the person who will fill my previous role and usher the organization into its bright future. 

–Pete Peterson

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C.S. Lewis, the Mystical Builder

By Timothy Willard

C.S. Lewis was a Christian mystic but not in the pagan sense, in the Tozer sense: he experienced his faith deep in his sentient being, always aware of God’s presence in his own nature and the world around him. Lewis’s friend George Sayer said Lewis’s life experiences were not literary but “mystical experiences of the presence of God.” 

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Jet Lag and Learning What I (Don’t) Mean By ‘Rest’

By Justin McRoberts

Have you ever dealt with a bad case of jet lag? Yeah, same. It can be really disorienting and even a bit frustrating; getting where you’ve worked to get and then feeling so unwell that you barely feel there at all. A few years ago, I hatched what I thought was a brilliant plan to deal with jet lag on an upcoming international flight. I would stay up all night before my flight, sleep the entire 11 hours from SFO to Frankfurt and when I arrived, I’d feel refreshed and focused. 

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The Jazz Music of the Spirit: An Excerpt from A Body of Praise

By RR Staff

Our friend W. David O. Taylor should be no stranger to anyone here. He’s served as the keynote speaker at Hutchmoot, written for the blog, and appeared on podcasts, and we’ve always appreciated his sharp mind, his strong faith, and his generous spirit.

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