A Beauty that Goes Beyond Taste

By Jonathan Rogers

When I was in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago, a friend got to telling about the neighbors along her block, just off Magazine Street. One of the more memorable characters was a woman who invited the whole street to her sixtieth birthday party—a party that started at 11pm. Another of her neighbors was a young woman who had late-stage cancer. When she was finally done with hospitals and went home to die, her family came down from whatever northern state they lived in and painted her house for her—blue and purple and white with gold trim. “It was so beautiful,” my friend said. “There is a beauty that goes beyond taste.”

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New Release: Wingfeather Saga Animated Film Soundtrack

By The Rabbit Room

Did you watch the Wingfeather Saga animated film and feel deeply moved by the mysterious, enchanting music that helped tell the story? Did you think, “I wonder what that song is—I sure do wish I could listen to it anytime I wanted!” If you answered yes, then today is your lucky day. The soundtrack to the Wingfeather Saga animated film is now available.

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Awkward Saint Crazy

By Adam Whipple

Had my wife and I been born a hundred years ago, our lot might have been quite different. Our family has a history of bipolar disorder, you see. Mental illness was looked upon with even greater stigma in days of yore than today. The canon of schoolchild literature hailing from 1850 through the 1970s is littered with characters subject to one stripe of insanity or another. Mr. Rochester’s first wife in Jane Eyre, Conrad’s demigod Kurtz, Boo Radley, Robert Cormier’s Adam Farmer in I Am the Cheese, Mr. Hyde, and the tragic cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest all come to mind.

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The Rabbit Room Book Group: Culture Making

By Jen Rose Yokel

If you’ve been a Christian for a while, then chances are you’ve ended up in conversations about culture. At least, I know I have.

As a child and teenager, being “in the world, not of it” meant no rated R movies or secular music recorded after sometime in the 80s. (Thankfully, The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel were fine.) As an adult, I realized there was no escaping the world, so I turned to examination and participation. I read books and articles about film, felt super-hip-and-edgy when I convinced myself to like Radiohead, and started noticing the little quirks that made up the American evangelical and homeschool cultures that shaped me.

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Hutchmoot 2018 Presents: Andrew Peterson’s Resurrection Letters & The Tokens Show

By Pete Peterson

We’re proud to announce that Hutchmoot 2018 will feature not one but TWO incredible events. On Thursday, October 4th, Hutchmoot will host Andrew Peterson’s Resurrection Letters live with a full band. This show is free to Hutchmoot registrants and a limited number of seats are available to the public. Read More ›

Rabbit Trails #5

By Jonny Jimison

Click through for this week’s edition of Jonny Jimison’s Rabbit Trails.

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor: A Review

By Jenna Badeker

I think we wind up saying to others what we need to hear the most. We know what’s right and true, but it doesn’t always sink into our own skin. Perhaps that’s why we keep telling other people about it over and over again—we need the repetition.

I’ve consoled friends over coffee, speaking Holy Spirit-inspired words of wisdom, while internally chuckling at the irony that whatever I’m saying is what I should be doing. I’ve written talks preaching the importance of reflection and discipline that I so desperately need, yet often fail to maintain. When I manage to write a lyric that hits home, it’s usually not because I’ve mastered the sentiment behind it, but because it’s what I need to be reminded of. In this place of knowing the truth but doubting that I’ve fully grasped it, I’ve seen a film that makes me feel less alone.

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Release: The Mission of the Body of Christ

By The Rabbit Room

Way back in 2011, Rabbit Room Press was proud to shepherd into existence Russ Ramsey’s first book Behold the Lamb of God: An Advent Narrative. Over the past seven years, it’s been a joy to watch Russ grow and stretch his legs as an author—since that first book, he’s published his second and third (Behold the King of Glory, and Struck). Today we’re delighted to help him celebrate the release of his fourth, The Mission of the Body of Christ. Read More ›

“I Didn’t Know He Was A Heretic”—On Love and Listening

By Lee Camp

Have you ever felt confused by someone’s inability, or refusal, to listen to the viewpoint of another?

One episode of this that plays in my mind was grad school days at Notre Dame: I was a teaching assistant for one of the theology professors. He assigned an essay by Leo Tolstoy to his class. It was one of Tolstoy’s classic scathing essays of social critique. When the prof opened the class up for discussion on the reading, the first student to make a comment said: “I did not know Tolstoy was a heretic.”

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Face Down

By Lanier Ivester

[The Molehill, Vol. 5 will be officially released on July 9th, but because Chris Thiessen, our intrepid manager of sales, is on the ball, books are already shipping out to readers. Here’s a little taste of what’s inside. This essay of Lanier’s was the first of hers I ever read, and it remains as good now as it was when I first encountered it nearly a decade ago. Enjoy. –Pete Peterson] Read More ›

The Read-Aloud Family

By Helena Sorensen

This summer, the recommended reading list for my church community includes titles like The Rule of Benedict (Chittister), St. Francis of Assisi (Chesterton), and Establishing a Rule of Life (The Trinity Mission). We’re considering what it means to create a personal culture of faith by establishing a “rule” for living. For some, this looks like a detailed list of activities to be done every day, week, month, or year (like those who choose to live under Benedictine or Franciscan rule). For others, though, it’s simply a matter of deciding how we’d like to invest our time and resources and translating that into everyday life.

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The Local Show Artist Spotlight (Episode 1) – Part Three: Community

By The Rabbit Room

The Local Show will be four years old this fall, and we’re having more fun than ever. This spring, filmmaker Karl Sutton caught up with three artists featured at the show to talk about where they’ve come from, how they approach the creative process, and what role community plays in their work. This is “Part Three: Community.” Enjoy!

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