Introducing The Artist’s Creed

By Drew Miller

We are so pleased to share with you a brand new podcast series led by Dr. Steve Guthrie, board member at the Rabbit Room and professor of Religion & the Arts at Belmont University. In a series of interviews with various artists in our community, Steve draws on the tenets of the Nicene Creed to develop a rich vision of the relationship between the voice of God and the voice of the artist—constructing an “artist’s creed” of sorts.

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The Membership Podcast: Episodes 9a & 9b

By The Rabbit Room

Two new episodes of The Membership podcast are now available. In these episodes, our hosts Jason Hardy, John Pattison, and Tim Wasem discuss Wendell Berry’s 1968 poetry collection, Openings.

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Addressing The Inner Ring

By Shigé Clark

The longing for community is a deep and personal one. Each of us comes to the subject bearing the burden of our own experiences and the weight of our own wounds. If there’s a way to encapsulate all that complexity with tact, grace, and truth, I’d love to find it, but for now, I’d simply like to have a conversation.

So, let’s talk about “the Inner Ring.”

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33 Poems for Lent: III, IV

By The Rabbit Room

For Lent this season, our friend Andrew Roycroft (pastor and poet from Northern Ireland) has adopted the medieval practice of writing thirty-three poems, each thirty-three words long—one word for each year of Jesus’ life. Together, they form a constellation of commentary on the Gospel of John. To begin Lent last week, we shared with you the first two. Each week until Easter we will share more—here are poems III and IV.

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New Release: Monument by Wild Harbors

By Drew Miller

Great news! Today is Release Day for husband and wife duo Wild Harbors. Their debut record Monument, produced by Andrew Osenga, is now available everywhere, including the Rabbit Room Store. Click through to stream a song from their record and purchase your copy.

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Desert and Flood

By Candace Bright

She opened up about her suffering and we drew our collective breath. A dozen voices hummed musically when she confessed that perhaps she had been blind. She had poured herself into an effort for years, only to miss problems that had scorched the ground she had cultivated. Handing it off to others in a turbulent ending to her season of investment, she now grieved what had been lost. Time. Opportunity. The struggle to bring forth good only to find herself in a desert partly of her own making.

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Write Poetry with Your Kids

By Chris Slaten

“Writing poetry is too hard.” This is the offense I hear my high school students protest frequently. I get it, but I don’t think it’s entirely true.

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First Annual Seed Sightings: A Glimpse of Things to Come

By Gina Sutphin

How many of you have specific events that are a yearly marker in the journey towards spring? I have several. My computer currently has a browser open counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the First Day of Spring. The start of Daylight Savings is marked on my calendar with a picture of the sun, flowers, and butterflies. But the earliest—and always completely unplanned—marker of spring’s coming is the First Annual Seed Sighting.

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33 Poems for Lent: I, II

By The Rabbit Room

On Christmas Day last year, a pastor and poet from Northern Ireland named Andrew Roycroft contributed a beautiful poem to this blog. For Lent this season, he has adopted the medieval practice of writing thirty-three poems, each thirty-three words long—one word for each year of Jesus’ life. Together, they form a constellation of commentary on the Gospel of John. We are so excited to share these poems with you each week, a few at a time, as a way of walking through Lent together.

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Local Show Playlist: March 5th, 2019

By The Rabbit Room

Last fall, Jared Malament began the ingenious practice of compiling Spotify playlists after each Local Show, making the featured songs publicly available for all to listen. With his help, we are continuing this tradition for the spring season of the Local Show, accompanied by Jared’s description of the evening and what made it memorable. Click through for our second playlist of the season.

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The Voice of Community: Christopher Williams on We Will Remember

By Drew Miller

Shortly after having completed his newest record Gather, at a time when his creative energy was depleted, Christopher Williams was asked by his friend Jaco Hamman to make another album to accompany his latest book. Jaco’s book, The Millennial Narrative, enters into a conversation about the distinct experience of the millennial generation by way of the commonly overlooked book of Joel—he wanted a corporate worship album to bring it to life.

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Our Lent Playlist on Spotify

By Drew Miller

The season of Lent is a forty-day period mirroring Jesus’ forty days of temptation in the wilderness. During this time, participants devote special attention to the ache of incompletion, suffering, and trial in their lives, both collectively and individually. Hemmed in by Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday, Lent begins with the dust of mortality and ends with the broken bread of the Last Supper.

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