Album Review: Everything As It Should Be

By Andrew Osenga

I’m sitting here at my kitchen table, listening through Andy’s new songs and charting them out for when Gabe and I back him up tomorrow night at his release show. Each time I get to the end of a song I pick up the sheet of fresh graphite numbers to set it on the pile and instinctively shake my head and say to myself, “Dang, that’s a good song.”

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An Interview with Russ Ramsey, Part 1: The Compelling Thrift of Scripture

By Drew Miller

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I really want to dig into scripture, but I just don’t know where to start”? Did that one poem from Isaiah give you goosebumps, but then when you tried to read more of the whole book, you got lost and unmotivated? If you answered “no,” well then good for you! But if you answered “yes,” you are in good company, and Russ Ramsey might be able to help you.

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A Fresh New Edition: Miz Lil & the Chronicles of Grace

By Pete Peterson

When we met Walt Wangerin at the first Hutchmoot, we didn’t dream that nearly ten years later, Rabbit Room Press would be issuing a brand new edition of one of his most beloved books. And yet here we are. Read More ›

The (G)race of Community

By Jeanine Joyner

Racial diversity is important to me, not only as a member of the body of Christ but also as a mother through adoption, for I have been given the incredible privilege of raising five beautiful children of color.  All of them different. All of them fellow members of the Church. Yet, for my family, finding a church (or even a ministry) that represented us, all of us, has proven to be difficult for too many years. I longed for community as it will be in eternity.

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Event Invitation: The Myth of Scarcity

By Drew Miller

Every November, it seems that the boundary between Thanksgiving and Black Friday becomes thinner and thinner—sales begin sooner and obligatory family meals hasten to their end. Black Friday offers an over-abundance of new products, but this surplus is predicated on our shared assumption of scarcity: limited supply, time, and money.

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Rabbit Trails #11

By Jonny Jimison

Click through for this week’s edition of Jonny Jimison’s Rabbit Trails.

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The Second Muse, Episode Three: Son of Laughter

By The Rabbit Room

Today we are excited to share with you the third episode of our new podcast, The Second Muse. In this episode, Drew Miller is joined by Chris Slaten (aka Son of Laughter) and Ben Shive to discuss Slaten’s song, “The Fiddler.” If you’re familiar with this song already, you know that it is complex, yet succinct; dense, yet lightweight. It feels like a three-minute peek into a vast landscape worthy of endless exploration.

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A Better Story: An Election-Day Rumination

By Jonathan Rogers

Last week the students in my Writing Close to the Earth online class read George Orwell’s classic essay, “Politics and the English Language.” In it, Orwell makes the case that vague, abstract, usually Latinate language is an important tool in the dishonest politician’s tool-belt.

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Tuna Noodle Casserole

By John Cal

For weeks now, my laziness has gotten the better of me and I’ve been filling my body with what would be considered less wholesome choices—Cheetos, Dr. Pepper, and more McFlurries than I’d care to admit. I heat cans of soup, packet ramen, and a litany of “just add water” meals. I open paper and plastic and pressed foil to find the amalgamated products inside.

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Joy Ike Wants You to Step Out That Box

By Chris Slaten

As I am writing about Joy Ike’s newest album, Bigger Than Your Box, my daughter is literally making a home out of a cardboard box on the carpet beside my chair. It is a house for our cat, Berdie.  Before Sally Ann finishes spelling out “Welcome” in marker on the front, Berdie is already inside, purring.

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The Horrific Denial of Darkness

By Chris Thiessen

WARNING: Spoilers of certain films and stories follow.

So tonight is Halloween, or maybe for some of you, time for a church “Harvest Festival.” It’s essentially the same thing. Your kids will eat a year’s worth of candy in one night (unless, of course, you’re one of those boring parents who hands out apples and juice boxes), and everyone will dress up, just as long as there are no bloody Scream masks or witch costumes. Whatever your tradition is on the night of October 31st, the dark, spooky themes of horror films are inescapable this time of year.

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Hutchmoot Podcast, Halloween Edition: The Delightful Shiver

By The Rabbit Room

What is it that makes ghost stories so much fun? Is it just that they’re scary and suspenseful and make us jump? Or is something deeper going on? What if these eerie tales of things that go bump in the night are actually lifting the veil and shining light on something real and good and true about the world?

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