Allen Levi

A Preface to The Last Sweet Mile

By Allen Levi

Since completing The Last Sweet Mile in 2015, I’ve always assumed I’d read it again someday. As of this moment, I have yet to do so. In the seven years since I signed off on the final manuscript, I’ve only read one chapter, “Shovel,” which I did for a roomful of gracious souls at Hutchmoot the year after publication.

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Nicknames: Two Conversations

By Allen Levi

Conversation one:

I was talking recently with a high school student, a girl I’ll call Keisha, who lives in a single parent home Read More ›

Fullness: A Eulogy

By Allen Levi

It’s a day that I look forward to. The first of its kind was three years ago when my brother and I harvested our first real batch of honey, about 10 gallons, from our beehives. Last year, we got about 20 gallons and we estimate that, Read More ›

Good Work

By Allen Levi

Folks, I don’t know if you remember Allen Levi’s previous posts here in the Rabbit Room, so I’ll reintroduce you. He’s a southern gentleman from Columbus, Georgia, a Read More ›

What’s in a Name

By Allen Levi


Perhaps you have never heard of Irena Sendler. She kept names. Names were important to her. She died two weeks ago today. Read More ›

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