Alyssa Ramsey

Tremble – A Lenten Reflection

By Alyssa Ramsey

I love aspen trees. When I was a child, my dad often traveled on business and came home with gifts for us. I have abalone jewelry from New Zealand, traditional clothing from India, and coins and pottery from Guatemala. But one of my favorite keepsakes came from a place much less exotic.

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Alone in the Light

By Alyssa Ramsey

There was a dead beetle on the bathroom floor the night I got home from Hutchmoot.

I thought it was dead, anyway, until I turned on the light. The sudden illumination set off whatever Read More ›

The Truth About Hutchmoot

By Alyssa Ramsey

[Editor’s Note: Thank you for the Hutchmoot reactions you’ve all been posting. I’ve tried to read them all and I’ve enjoyed each of them. Alyssa Ramsey sent this to me last night. She’s done a good job of capturing my own thoughts, so I thought I’d post it here. Thanks, Alyssa. –Pete Peterson] Read More ›

Of Being Made

By Alyssa Ramsey

The painter, my husband, considered the primed surface before him. He made a decision, selected a brush, and began. Read More ›

Two Trees

By Alyssa Ramsey

[Editor’s Note: Earlier this year we selected two reader-submitted essays and read them to the assembled masses at Hutchmoot. We got a lot of great submissions and this was one of our favorites. Thanks to Alyssa for letting us read it. Keep up the good work! -Pete] Read More ›

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