Andrew Osenga

Album Review: Everything As It Should Be

By Andrew Osenga

I’m sitting here at my kitchen table, listening through Andy’s new songs and charting them out for when Gabe and I back him up tomorrow night at his release show. Each time I get to the end of a song I pick up the sheet of fresh graphite numbers to set it on the pile and instinctively shake my head and say to myself, “Dang, that’s a good song.”

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The Painted Desert

By Andrew Osenga

Hey there, Rabbits! I’m so excited to share with you that my new record, The Painted Desert, is finally available.

I thought I was done making records, then life happened and I had some things I needed to write about. Turns out, this is my favorite record of anything I’ve ever done. Read More ›

Make Something

By Andrew Osenga

One of the great things about writings songs (or books, or painting portraits, or recording podcasts) is that you don’t need permission. Read More ›

Take My Advice. I Did.

By Andrew Osenga

This past year has been, what you might call on LinkedIn, a “season of transition,” which is French for “I’m figuring it out all over again.” Read More ›

In the Round: Andy Osenga, “Whatever It Takes”

By Andrew Osenga

This may sound pathetic, but I just pulled this song up on Spotify this morning because I wanted to hear it again. It’s my favorite on this EP and my favorite song I’ve written in a while. Read More ›

Flesh – Track 6: “Whatever It Takes”

By Andrew Osenga

This one’s personal. I could explain it but you could also just read the lyrics or listen to the song.

Our desires are built for more than this world can offer. How do we live when we realize we may Read More ›

Flesh – Track 5: “Who Said Life Was Fair?”

By Andrew Osenga

What’s the great quote from The Princess Bride? “Life is pain. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something.” Read More ›

Flesh – Track 4: “Fight Like A Man”

By Andrew Osenga

This song is about realizing you aren’t quite as amazing as you think you are. Your problems probably aren’t any more unique or heartbreaking than anybody else’s. I’m a 4 on the enneagram Read More ›

Flesh – Track 3: “We Are Not Children Anymore”

By Andrew Osenga

This was kind of a gut reaction song. The past few years saw a lot of tragedy in my community. A lot of divorce and deep hurts. Some of these felt like they couldn’t be helped. You grieved but you Read More ›

Flesh – Track 2: “I Was A Cynic”

By Andrew Osenga

Alcoholics Anonymous teaches us that you can never rest in your freedom but you need to actively continue to pursue it. That’s why they’re “recovering alcoholics” and not “recovered.” Read More ›

Flesh – Track 1: “Black Cloud”

By Andrew Osenga

This song is about the spiritual and mental malaise that seems to follow me everywhere some years. There are sometimes people, places, and things attached—and sometimes it’s just an enveloping Read More ›

Behind the Soul EP

By Andrew Osenga

This is the second of four EPs from the “Heart & Soul, Flesh & Bone” collection, each individual project being an exploration of a different genre. Read More ›

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