Andrew Russell

Andrew writes as an Anglican who is a semi-closeted semi-progressive, and quotes the Bible, Wendell Berry, and Chance the Rapper in equal proportions. He married his high school sweetheart, Anna and can usually be found trying to embarrass her at the grocery store. He attends divinity school in Birmingham, Alabama.

Choosing Our Limitations: Thoughts on Community

By Andrew Russell

It has been interesting for me, over the last ten years or so, to witness the increased popularity of the word “community” in Christian circles. As I have grown up, I have noticed within myself and other millennial Christians a heightened desire for Read More ›

The Sacrament of Not Being the Most Important Person in the Room

By Andrew Russell

[Note from Drew Miller: Meet my honorary brother, Andrew Russell. His perspective has brought me life, laughter, and loving correction. I am grateful to introduce him to you. He originally wrote this for his own blog, The Contrarian Collective.] Read More ›

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