John Barber

John Barber is a music lover, film nut, husband, and father. Last year he set out to watch 365 films in one year, and he lived to tell about it. That means he's seen more bad movies than we even want to think about.

When I Think of Heaven

By John Barber

I met my then-future wife in college. Our first date was on December 17, 1996, and just a few days afterward, we each went home for Christmas, her to Hot Springs, Arkansas and me to Orlando. We were a time zone away from each other, and cell phones were yet to be a thing. I knew I’d be talking to her sparingly, and I also knew I was deeply smitten. It’s a hard place to be—young, in new love, and a thousand miles apart.

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The Broken Seasons

By John Barber

Don’t listen to Adam Whipple’s new record if you’re going through something hard. I mean, seriously, don’t. Don’t listen unless you’re ready to work through those complex, deep-down feelings inside you. But, if you are ready, then oh, boy; The Broken Seasons will deeply reward you. Read More ›

Wayne Brezinka and the Pipe Dreams of a Doofus

By John Barber

Six months ago, I did something insane. My wife was out of town for a writer’s conference, and I packed the kids up and drove two and a half hours to Nashville to go to a “Mixed Media Art Workshop for Beginners,” taught by Wayne Brezinka. It’s important to know that I’m not an artist. Read More ›

Review: Sing Street

By John Barber

A few nights ago, during dinner, I DJed an impromptu YouTube playlist of ‘80s music. Why? Someone mentioned St. Elmo’s Fire (the weather phenomenon, not the classic Brat Pack film). That’s all it took. Read More ›

Film Review: Last Days In The Desert

By John Barber

[Editor’s note: If you’ve been around the Rabbit Room long, the name John Barber will be a familiar one. If you’re new, or just haven’t yet had the pleasure of knowing him, let me introduce you to today’s guest poster. John’s a movie, music, and book nerd—and I mean Read More ›

I Want to Be a Clone: How Steve Taylor Helped Me Find Myself

By John Barber

There’s no doubt that the Rabbit Room is full of my people, but I haven’t always known who my people were. Read More ›

RR Interview: Rebecca Reynolds

By John Barber

Ron Block’s new album, Walking Song, released two weeks ago, and although it has Ron’s mug on the cover, there’s another person that’s responsible for the lyrical content inside. Rebecca Reynolds, long-time Read More ›