Ben Shive

Colony House: Leave What’s Lost Behind

By Ben Shive

Caleb Chapman was stuck. It was time to make another Colony House record and he had no songs. That’s not quite true; he had a pile of songs, but none that were right for his band.

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Keep Singing

By Ben Shive

Some mornings you wake up and you know you’ve tossed and turned the heavy covers right off the bed in the night, and you wonder “What is this weight on my chest?” and then you realize—it’s THE ENTIRE WORLD. I was having one of those. Read More ›

The Art of Co-writing

By Ben Shive

“Something You Choose” (unfinished)
by Kelly Burton and Ben Shive Read More ›

Don’t You Want to Thank Someone? Yes, I do.

By Ben Shive

Twelve years ago at a Wesleyan college in Indiana, I played my first show as Andrew Peterson’s full-time right-hand man. Tonight in Greeley, Colorado, I played my last. At least for now. Read More ›

How to Smile

By Ben Shive

Four years ago I wrote a song about The Beach Boys’ legendary lost album, Smile, as part of an assignment for a writing group I was in along with the Proprietor and a few other familiar Rabbit Roomers. At the time Read More ›

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