C. Christopher Smith

C. Christopher Smith is founding editor of The Englewood Review of Books, and the author of several books including Slow Church (co-authored with John Pattison) and How the Body of Christ Talks. He also is on the leadership team for Cultivating Communities, a project which helps local churches deepen relationships within their congregation and with their neighbors.

Hearing Scripture Anew, In a Chorus of Poetic Voices

By C. Christopher Smith

Poetry helps us see things in a new light. Whether the subject of a poem is a thing, an experience, an emotion, or something else, the care with which the poet chooses her words helps us to see that subject in a completely different way. Poetry cannot be read fast; a poem challenges us to sit with its words, to pay attention, to contemplate what the poet has offered us in these words carefully woven together. Of course, none of these tasks come easily in our technological world, where speed and efficiency reign supreme. 

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Interweaving Life and Reading

By C. Christopher Smith

Since my book Reading For the Common Good (RFTCG) came out last month, I’ve had numerous people ask me about the connections between it and my previous book Slow Church (coauthored with John Pattison). Read More ›

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