Don Chaffer

New Music(al): The Unusual Tale of Mary & Joseph’s Baby

By Don Chaffer

Sometimes the Christmas story almost sounds like the start of a joke, “A pregnant Jewish virgin and her husband knock on the door of an inn.” It seems crazy. That’s because it is. It’s a crazy story. So when New York City playwright, Read More ›

Light From Light (The Conservation Of Energy In The Nicene Creed, Heat Pumps, & Steve Perry Of Journey)

By Don Chaffer

Don Chaffer, of the most excellent band Waterdeep, is one of my favorite people, and not just because he’s my neighbor. Well, he lives a few miles away, but we’re in the country so it feels like he’s in hollerin’ distance. He blogs over at the Waterdeep site, and after I read this piece I rode my Read More ›

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