Chris Stewart

The Illness of Mental Horror: Sketching At Coffee Demons

By Chris Stewart

Or is it the horror of mental illness? Sometimes, something as simple as your morning cup of coffee can evoke a sensation of horror—given the right mental state. Read More ›

The Gentle Archer Meme

By Chris Stewart

I had an entire post in my head about the archery I’ve been getting into, inspired by my best friend who recently relocated back to Nashville. I had cool pictures of the brand new arrows Read More ›

Meanwhile: More Process

By Chris Stewart

It’s been a few years since my brother-in-law, poet-bard Isaac Gill, approached me about working on the cover art for his first official LP. He was going to Kickstart it into the world (an endeavor he did Read More ›

Death in the House (An Advent Meditation)

By Chris Stewart

[Editor’s note: Do not let the picture mislead you! This is not a sad, sad post about a dying puppy.]

Read More ›

Process: My Work on “The New Body Mythic”

By Chris Stewart

First let me give you my warmest computer blog “Hello!” and thank you for welcoming me into the Rabbit Room as though this were my inaugural post—because it may very well be. Read More ›

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