Jamin Still

Jamin has always enjoyed illustrations and images related to stories. As a child, he drew and painted and continued to pursue art through high school and college. He attended Wichita State University where he earned a degree in art history, painting, and English literature. Since then he has focused on developing illustration and story-related imagery. His goal is to bring the viewer to a place of wonder and possibility. His picture books, Ellen and the Winter Wolves and The Wishes of the Fish King, are a beautiful witness to his many talents.

The Adventures of Fenigus March

By Jamin Still

This year I started a project called The Adventures of Fenigus March. It will be a series of paintings with accompanying one-page short stories that will eventually be put into a book. Read More ›

Collaboration on The Wishes of the Fish King

By Jamin Still

Collaboration is such a powerful thing. When done well, it can bring together two unique visions — each complimenting the other — to form something greater. Read More ›

The Wishes of the Fish King

By Jamin Still

“A pleasure is full grown only when it is remembered.”

― C.S. Lewis, Out of the Silent Planet Read More ›

On the Easel and on the Horizon

By Jamin Still

Kickstarting Ellen and the Winter Wolves was quite the exhausting undertaking, so getting the last supporters’ book in the mail was a relief. I’m really happy with how the book turned out and how it was Read More ›

More Story Seeds, Ellen Picture Book, and House Show

By Jamin Still

I wrote a post this spring about little stories I write (two to three sentences long) that go along with my paintings. These story starters or story seeds are designed to get the imagination of the viewer going and let Read More ›

Creating a Picture Book: Part III – Kickstarter and the Final Stages

By Jamin Still

[This is the third post about the creation of Ellen and the Winter Wolves. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here.] Read More ›

Creating a Picture Book: Part II – Things I Didn’t Think About

By Jamin Still

[This is the second post about the creation of Ellen and the Winter Wolves. You can read part I here.]

Read More ›

Creating a Picture Book: Part I – The Beginning

By Jamin Still

Over the years people have encouraged me to do a picture book. I love to paint and I love to write, so why not put those things together? And I’ve wanted to, but I simply haven’t. Other projects have Read More ›

Creating the Cover for Everlasting is the Past

By Jamin Still

When Pete and Andrew approached me about the cover art for Everlasting is the PastI was excited. When they told me they wanted a cover with a woodcut look in black and white, I was a little nervous. I hadn’t  Read More ›

Story Seeds

By Jamin Still

Back in March I traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for an arts festival. As I prepared my pieces for display, I tried to figure out how I could inject a little more story into my paintings. And so I Read More ›

How The Voyage of the Peacock Came to Be

By Jamin Still

Here’s a painting I finished last month, called The Voyage of the Peacock. It’s 20″x 20″. I shared an in-progress shot with you in January and so I thought some of you might be interested to see how it Read More ›

On the Easel

By Jamin Still

This frigid January day finds me working on a number of pieces. I’m rotating them out to let the paint dry and to keep myself engaged. Doing this also gives me time to mentally work through any problems that I run into as I’m painting. Read More ›