Jeffrey Overstreet

Jeffrey Overstreet is a writer of fiction, memoir, reviews, and arts journalism — and a teacher of creative writing, film studies, and cultural engagement for people of faith. Visit for more information.

In Memory of Peter Shaffer

By Jeffrey Overstreet

This morning, a friend showed me some snapshots of her vacation in Italy. As I looked at image after image of extraordinary artistry on display in places both sacred and public, she remarked, “Nobody does stuff like that anymore. You have to wonder why.” Read More ›

The Christian Message of David Fincher’s Gone Girl . . . (Not Really)

By Jeffrey Overstreet

It happens all the time. I get an email from an angry reader who says, “Why are you wasting time talking about the technical aspects of a movie? What really matters is the message!” Read More ›

Why I Want to Be George R. R. Martin’s Neighbor

By Jeffrey Overstreet

[Editor’s note: We’re really excited about having Jeffrey Overstreet as one of our guest speakers at Hutchmoot 2013. Jeffrey has long been one of my favorite film critics and his book Through a Screen Darkly Read More ›