Jenna Badeker

Jenna Badeker is a musician and writer currently living in Maryland. She is half of the duo Wild Harbors with her husband, Chris. She also has a sweet dwarf rabbit named Duncan who lives in her living room... which makes it a literal Rabbit Room.

Introducing Wild Harbors: “Monument”

By Jenna Badeker

This has been a year of coming alive.

Until recently, we both worked jobs that left few hours in the day for creating. Those careers taught us important things over the years, and they were good, but there was a persistent whisper of “something else” that was all too easy to ignore.

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The Greatest Showman (or at Least, the Fairly Decent Showman)

By Jenna Badeker

When I started seeing my feed fill up with posts about loving The Greatest Showman, I started counting down the days until I could finally go see it. It had the makings of a movie I would adore. Musical theatre is my thing. Read More ›