Jill Phillips

New Album & Kickstarter: Deeper Into Love

By Jill Phillips

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the studio recording new music, and I’m thrilled to share with you that I’ll be working on an EP with Ben Shive in the upcoming weeks. Ben and I have been friends for years since the early days of traveling with my husband, Andy Gullahorn, and Andrew Peterson (in a silver van!) to support our albums Love and Thunder and Writing on the Wall. Ben and I have been talking for years about writing and recording music together and it’s such a gift to have him working on this new material.

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Song & a Story: “Eyes on the Prize”

By Jill Phillips

I told my friend Nita I was doing an album of hymns and spirituals and she told me I absolutely had to cover “Eyes on the Prize.” She knew I was in a season of transition and recovery and felt it could be powerful. I didn’t feel qualified, especially after Read More ›

Jill Phillips interviews Sara Groves

By Jill Phillips

Recently I had the opportunity to talk to my friend Sara Groves about her beautiful new album, Floodplain (you can listen to clips and purchase the album here). My conversation with Sara took Read More ›

Inefficient Love

By Jill Phillips

I’ve been re-reading Andi Ashworth’s beautiful book Real Love for Real Life: The Art and Work of Caring with a great group of women from my church. There are a million books on parenting and motherhood but I’ve never found any quite like this one. Andi focuses on caregiving and how Read More ›

The Things that Matter

By Jill Phillips

My husband and I recently took a trip to my old hometown. (I went to my first high school reunion and yes I am insane. That’s a topic for another post). I see my mom often for living 12 hours away, Read More ›

All Saints Day

By Jill Phillips

This past Sunday was All Saints Day, the day in the liturgical church calendar we remember and honor those who have died in the Lord.  This has always been a really meaningful service for me, but this year I Read More ›

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