Joe Sutphin

Disposable Beauty

By Joe Sutphin

I found a dead baby mouse on the bricks of our driveway. I picked it up and looked it over. It was so perfect, as if it were only sleeping. Tens of thousands of soft, little downy hairs lined its body, its muzzle covered in minute whiskers. Delicate little ears and fingers and toes. One of the sweetest little innocent babies of this world, and a true work of art. I contemplated how God could put such care and thought, even tenderness into his creations, only to allow them to fail.

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My Place: A Short Film

By Joe Sutphin

A few months ago, I decided to build a presentation for speaking engagements. I had several booked for the coming year, so I spent a good month, off and on, putting together a Keynote presentation about my childhood as a kid who Read More ›

Wolf King Shirts and Accessories Now Available

By Joe Sutphin

For fans of Andrew Peterson’s The Warden And The Wolf King, I now have a slew of fun, official Wolf King clothing and accessory items available for purchase. Read More ›

Signature Mugs and Inkwells

By Joe Sutphin

My good friend Eddy Efaw and I have teamed up to design some custom “signature” coffee mugs and inkwells with my mouse logo on them. Eddy is a talented woodcarver and ceramic artist, and is best known Read More ›

Moved By Lion

By Joe Sutphin

My wife Gina and I don’t watch television, so we rarely hear about any film that is not your typical blockbuster. So, when we decided on an impromptu movie at a local dollar theater last night, Read More ›

Children’s Books Live Illustration on the NYT

By Joe Sutphin

Word Of Mouse is co-written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein, and illustrated by me. As part of the publicity for the book, Little, Brown flew me to New York to do a live drawing session on Facebook Live from the New York Times Building and on the NYT Facebook account.  Read More ›

Bunnicula Left Its Mark On Me

By Joe Sutphin

A few days ago in the mail, I received a teeshirt with the classic Bunnicula book cover on it. I’ll admit, I got a bit emotional. Read More ›

Let Kids Fight Evil So They Can Be Heroes: A Response

By Joe Sutphin

A year ago, I posted an article titled, “Let Kids Fight Evil So They Can Be Heroes.” It was among the simplest, shortest articles I’ve posted on the Rabbit Room. The basis of my post was the concept of allowing children to battle evil in their play time. Read More ›

Heartwork Art

By Joe Sutphin

My buddy Don Clark, former Demon Hunter guitarist and creative genius behind design firm Invisible Creature, reached out to me a while back to see if I would be interested in contributing to a special charity this Christmas. Read More ›

Designing A Book Cover, Part 2: Gorilla Tactics

By Joe Sutphin

Around this time last year I received the manuscript for Book 2 of Dr. Critchlore’s School For Minions, tentatively titled The Search For The Great Library. For anyone who does not Read More ›

The Do-Something Day

By Joe Sutphin

“Bernie wanted to help. It was a sparkling, sunny, do-something day.”

Those are the opening lines to one of my favorite picture books as a boy: The Do-Something Day, Read More ›

The Timely Arrival of A. S. Peterson

By Joe Sutphin

A few months back, my buddy Pete (a.k.a. A. S. Peterson) asked if I would be up for doing some art for his wintery, Twilight Zone-like, Civil War-era tale, The Timely Arrival of Barnabas Bead. Pete had actually Read More ›

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