Jen Rose Yokel

Profile photo of Jen Rose Yokel Jen was born and raised in central Florida, but now lives in the strange land of southern New England. Her words have appeared in TS Poetry’s Every Day Poems, CCM Magazine, and other publications, and she recently released her first poetry collection Ruins & Kingdoms. Some of her favorite things include used bookstores, good coffee, messing about in the kitchen, and local adventures with her husband Chris.

Free Music! Jeremy Casella’s Death in Reverse

By Jen Rose Yokel

In the vast amount of music I’ve listened to over the years, there are only a few albums that I’d call “transcendent,” and that looks awfully dramatic now that I see it in writing. Read More ›

Spiritual Practice and Sacred Ordinary Days

By Jen Rose Yokel

For years, I’ve struggled with spiritual disciplines. Growing up evangelical, of course I’ve always known about the need for “quiet time,” but other than that, I don’t recall a whole lot of direction for how to actually accomplish this mysterious and vital thing. Read More ›

On (Almost) Unplugging

By Jen Rose Yokel

In the middle of January, I took two weeks off from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It’s a tricky experiment when one of your jobs is managing social media, Read More ›

A Liturgy of Trees

By Jen Rose Yokel

The sun was on the downward slide toward the horizon, and we still hadn’t found the tree. Not a tree, mind you. There were trees all around. But the tree Read More ›

Practicing Stability: Part 2

By Jen Rose Yokel

From my portion of the Hutchmoot 2016 session “In Search of Home.” You can read Part 1 here.

Professor and writer Scott Russell Sanders has this to say in his book Staying Put: “In our national mythology, the worst fate is to be trapped on a farm, in a village, in the sticks, in some dead-end job or unglamourous marriage or played-out game. Stand still, we are warned, and you die.” Read More ›

Practicing Stability: Part 1

By Jen Rose Yokel

From my portion of the Hutchmoot 2016 session “In Search of Home,” a conversation about roots, restlessness, and making peace with our place in the world. Read More ›

Poets and Saints

By Jen Rose Yokel

Last April in Nashville, All Sons & Daughters performed some new songs at a conference I attended, and I couldn’t have been happier. Though I’ve loved their reverent, folk influenced approach to worship music for a while now, it was the story behind their newest album Poets and Saints that caught my attention. Read More ›

Album Review: Where the Light Gets In

By Jen Rose Yokel

Uncertainty. Shame. Identity. Jason Gray hasn’t shied away from exploring these themes in his music before, but in the song “Where We Go From Here” there’s a particularly tender image that’s hard to shake: Read More ›

Book Review: Life’s Too Short to Pretend You’re Not Religious

By Jen Rose Yokel

Culture critic and religion professor David Dark wastes no time getting to the provocative claim of his new book, Life’s Too Short to Pretend You’re Not Religious. His statement is right there on the Read More ›

After the Last Supper

By Jen Rose Yokel

This poem first appeared in The Molehill Volume 4. Read More ›

The Fast and the Feast

By Jen Rose Yokel

“Dust you are. To dust you shall return.”

I don’t know what I expected, but somehow the way ashes felt as they smeared on my skin surprised me. Read More ›

Here’s to the Snowstorms

By Jen Rose Yokel

Winter and I got off to a bad start last year. I spent much of my first New England winter waiting out four blizzards with a broken arm and wondering if I’d ever see green again. So this year? This year, I’ve Read More ›