Mark Geil

Resurrection Letters Release Day

By Mark Geil

[Editor’s note: Today is the day—as we walk into Easter weekend, through Good Friday and towards Sunday, we now have Resurrection Letters: Volume I to keep us company. Below is Mark Geil’s review of Andrew Peterson’s latest offering.

You can now purchase the album here on the Rabbit Room Store. Resurrection Letters: Prologue is also available here in case you missed it.]

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Interview with Ron Block and Rebecca Reynolds

By Mark Geil

Good music has a way of fostering community, and sometimes that community begets more good music. A collaborative album between Ron Block and Jeff Taylor has seemed like a natural for years now, and the occasions the two gifted players have shared the stage have built steady anticipation. Read More ›

Getting To Know Jon Troast

By Mark Geil

My first contact with Jon Troast was via e-mail. He was a stranger to me, but I was writing about him and his music, so we started getting acquainted. The parenthetical portion of a particular sentence in that first email caught my eye: Read More ›

RR Interview: Andy Gullahorn on His New Album, Fault Lines

By Mark Geil

Andy Gullahorn’s stirring new album Fault Lines was born as part of a November Kickstarter campaign, which succeeded in just twenty-four hours. With the goal eventually tripled, Gullahorn sent the project Read More ›

Album Review: The Burning Edge of Dawn

By Mark Geil

It’s fitting that Andrew Peterson’s latest, The Burning Edge of Dawn, is being released just as browning leaves lose their grip and fall through a gray sky to a chilling earth. If ever there was an Read More ›