Melanie Penn

“Before A Fall”

By Melanie Penn

Since creation, God and the earth have seen a lot of stuff, gone through all of human history, and for a while I’ve wondered, “If the earth could talk to us, what would it say?” Read More ›

New Release: Melanie Penn’s Hope Tonight

By Melanie Penn

[Editor’s note: Melanie Penn’s album Wake Up Love was an instant hit for me, and it’s also one of my very favorite of Ben Shive’s productions. Ben and Melanie have been working on this second record for a long time, and I’m so glad the rest of you finally get to hear it.] Read More ›

Is it Kind? Is it Necessary?

By Melanie Penn

Rabbit Room favorite Melanie Penn wrote these kind, necessary words on her blog recently and let us re-post them here. Melanie’s album Wake Up Love (produced by Ben Shive) is available in the store, and we’re certain you’ll love Read More ›